Adding Multiple Videos Into The Editor

I like to upload a video as a full soccer game and not as “pieces”… but some people like to upload all the pieces and then combine them in the editor. Either way, the SocrPro free coaching software will accommodate the way you choose to upload your soccer videos.

This tutorial will quickly demonstrate how easily you’re able to upload video, any way you choose, and then get all the pieces into the editor so you can make one continuous video.

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Sharing Large Soccer Videos

Huge soccer videos have always been a problem. Youtube used to limit the size and even though they changed their video size policy, there is still no way to upload to Youtube and allow someone else to use your video for their own purposes.

Now you’re able to share massive videos instantly, with 1 click, and allow your friends, family, coaches and players to use 1 “source video” for their own purposes.

Coaches can create coaching videos to help their players become smart, better, players while parents and players always like to watch themselves in highlight videos.

Are You Developing “Complete” Soccer Players?

When the games are over and 50%+ of the teams go home with losses … what will they learn from losing?

When you try to explain what they need to do better, what image will form in their mind? Will it be the same as yours or will they have something completely different in their head?

It’s still shocking to me that when I go to these tournaments, how few (often zero) coaches are truly training their players to be smarter players with video analysis and review of their games.

If you want “complete” players, you need to train their brain as well as their body.

Better Soccer Players and Happier Soccer Parents

Discover the easiest and fastest way to create better players, improve your relationship with the player’s parents and become a better soccer coach in one fell swoop.

Managing player’s expectations and parents expectations can be difficult when basic performance metrics are ignored. This leads to a lack of player feedback that ripples through to the parents of the players. By adding a performance system to your coaching methodology, you’ll not only help your players and calm your parents, you’ll also discover hidden gems of knowledge that help you become a better soccer coach.