Fixing Confidence – Part 2

Fixing confidence is obviously “mental”…

…but usually not “mental” in the way most people define “confidence”.

Confidence comes from good performance and the lack of confidence often stems from poor skills leading to poor game performance.

Sometimes a player has great technical skills but still lacks confidence in a game setting.

The usual culprit is a simple lack of understanding of strategy and positioning.

We call this “soccer IQ”.

This lack of “soccer IQ” destroys their confidence even when their physical skills are high.

These players need help with the mental side of the game to improve confidence.

Helping these players is a matter of coaching them with game video.

Not some generic game video, but game video where they are in the game.

They need to see a birds eye view of themself to understand what they are doing wrong and how to fix their personal problems.

~ Passing back into pressure?

~ Not recognizing space?

~ Dribbling too much?

~ Not dribbling enough?

~ Playing too straight?

There are basic things that youth players can improve to make it much easier to play the ball successfully.

SocrPro allows a player / parent / coach to upload a game video and distribute this video to any number of people, anywhere in the world.

This allows you to do the coaching for them, or to hire the task out to any coach anywhere in the world.

This coaching feedback increases soccer IQ that leads to better play.

Better play leads to more confidence.

More confidence leads to even better play.

If you want to see your favorite player(s) improve their game confidence, call me and I’ll show you how we can help you today.

Fixing Confidence Problems – Part 1

“My child lacks confidence in games”

Parents tell me this all the time and hope I can fix it for them.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to dramatically improve confidence in a youth soccer player!

The secret is simple but often overlooked.

In almost every case, there is no “lack of confidence”.

There’s a lack of “skill”.

This lack of skill leads to fear.

~ Fear of a bad 1st touch.

~ Fear of not being able to evade a defender.

~ Fear of always losing the ball.

Soon they do not actually want the ball.

This is “mental”, but it starts with “physical”.

When your child is lacking confidence on the soccer field, the 1st thing you need to do is improve their technical skills and you will see a dramatic jump in their game confidence.

If your child suffers from a lack of “confidence” in the game, focus on their technical skills and you will see their “confidence” increases proportionately to their technical skills.

SocrPro could be called “SportsPro”…

…but we focus 100% on soccer for a reason.

When you try to be everything for everybody, you end up being nothing good for anybody.

Simple things like “Field #”.

Not important to football so it’s easy to forget about.

But “Field # is vital info for soccer.

Conversely, adding all these special, sport specific needs, into a single product makes it bloated and hard to use.

The solution is to focus.

Specialize for 1 sport.

Add all the unique features needed for this single sport.

Ignore anything not specifically needed.

This singular focus makes everything work better.

Learning curves are shorter.

Things make sense because they’re built specifically for you.

It’s why SocrPro works better for soccer than anything else.

1 day SocrPro will spin off a 2nd variant for Lacrosse.

It’ll be called something new, stand separately from SocrPro, and be modified uniquely specific to Lacrosse.

Just not today.

We’re focused 100% on building the world’s best software for soccer.

To save time, save money, and still win more games!

You deserve the best..

Would you like to offer more soccer scholarships?

There are 3 basic pathways to give kids this opportunity.

1 option is painful while 2 others are free and easy.

Let’s cover the 1st option, the “painful” one.

1. Reduce Your Club Revenue – Simply do not charge the players to join your club.

Simple but not really desirable for many reasons.

2. Fund Raisers – Free to the club but someone needs to step up with donations, or car wash labor, or convincing family members to buy over priced “stuff” to disguise the cash donations.

It’s not uncommon for a medium sized club to raise $10,000 with a fundraiser.

3. Simple Cost Reductions – Why bother doing a fund raiser to generate $10,000 if your club is wasting $10,000 through waste?

The same medium sized club is wasting $10,000, or more, simply by using outdated software for registration.

By using the same modern registration technology used by every e-commerce platform, a medium sized club will save $10,000+ annually with no additional effort needed.

Large clubs can save $53,976 annually… or more!

It’s literally FREE money for scholarships!

 ~ No effort

 ~ Standard technology

 ~ Savings are repeated year after year

 ~ Kids get scholarships, clubs save money

 ~ Everyone wins

Get your FREE account of SocrPro today and discover what it’s like to use a registration and coaching system with modern billing technology that does NOT add bonus fees into your club.

Going Pro in Europe | Soccer | Jordan Gardner – FC Helsingor

There’s “Free” but then there’s *free.

There’s “Free” but then there’s *free.

“Free” will cost you nothing…

…but *free will cost you a fortune!

“Free” is like the Sunday meal your mother makes while *free is like the bribe they offer you to sit through a timeshare presentation while on vacation in Cancun.

How does this matter to soccer clubs?

*Free uses back-end fees added to every transaction.

*Free robs your small club of $3,290 / annually.

*Free robs large club of over $53,763 / annually.

*Free adds zero value… only fees.

“Free” is not having any transaction fees.

“Free” requires zero extra work / effort.

“Free” is what you get with SocrPro while *free is what you get with the “other guys”.

“Free” is actually free while *free is far from free.

So if you want the Real FREE Join