Lottery Teams vs Investment Teams

Everyone loves the inspirational coach. They revere them with hallowed pride reciting the speeches that magically motivated their underdog team to rise up from the insurmountable halftime deficit to come back and win the state championship or national title.

These stories are told over and over to each new team and shared by coaches to inspire them to greatness even in the face of adversity. But often missing in the story is how this team was in the position to play in the big game to begin with.

After all, teams don’t get into the finals of anything without first beating some really tough competition.

But sometimes a team will slip through because of an easy pool, or a lucky break, and then a string of fortuitous matchups that find the top teams knocking each other out before the weaker teams step onto the pitch.

This happens in soccer because of the closeness of the scoring but it also happens in other sports and goes as high as the Super Bowl and the Olympics.

Sometimes you just get lucky and your lottery ticket gets picked.

Of course, the trouble with winning the lottery is that over 72% of the lottery winners end up bankrupt and worse off financially than before they won the lottery. Instead of continuing to work, they quit their jobs and go on a spending spree until they have no money left and no job to replace the money they’ve spent.

In sports, a “lottery ticket” team often finds themselves in the same position once they progress to the next level of competition.

They may start the next tournament with the same amount of “cash” in the bank as their competition but one team has earned it through continuous hard work while the other was too busy basking in their new found wealth to be bothered to invest that money or even learn the basic intricacies of finance.

In the end, the non-stop growth from compound interest and continuous investing will crush the diminishing wealth of the lottery winner and expose the true caliber of the “investment” team versus the “lottery” team.

In sports, the same thing happens. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later… but it always happens.

The superstar player is no longer able to carry the team. The tough defense might stop most scoring but eventually a few balls hit the back of the net and with nothing more than a “long ball” strategy, there’s no way to answer the challenge.

As a coach, you need to look deep and determine if you’re playing the lottery or if your team is continuously investing practice after practice for long term success and growth.

If you’re not doing weekly video sessions with your team, “showing” them versus “telling” them, then you’re not giving your players the edge to win at the highest level of their ability.

You’ll still win the easy games, you’ll probably win some big games, you might even sneak into regionals, but straggling home after an 0-3 first round should send a message loud and clear that your “investment” strategy more closely resembles a stack of “scratch off” tickets purchased at the corner gas station than a blue chip mutual fund.

Video analysis as part of your coaching strategy is no longer an option or a luxury; it’s a necessity!

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Learn More, Win More with The SocrPro “Assistant Coach” Program

Everyone knows that having an assistant coach, or multiple assistant coaches, helps create better teams because it puts more eyes on the game and often times a different perspective on the game.

With American football programs, it’s not uncommon to have a head coach plus 4 or 5 assistant coaches all pooling their collective knowledge, perspective and vision to drive the team forward, win more games and improve the development of their players more than any single coach could ever hope to accomplish.

But with soccer, it’s more common to have 1 coach juggling 4 or 5 teams versus 4 or 5 coaches for one team. So how do you even the odds?

This is where the SocrPro assistant coach program helps you to improve your team far beyond the benefit of the video that they will break down for you. Even if you have the time to tag your own videos, there’s immense value in seeing your team through the eyes of another “coach” even if they’re not at the same high level.

Biases we develop, history with players, personal relationships with the parents of players all have the ability to cloud the vision of even the best coaches. So when you have an unbiased 3rd party person break down the video for you, suddenly there’s a different perspective brought to the table and fresh view of what your team is really doing versus what you thought they were doing.

Naturally, just as a head football coach takes the opinions and input from his assistant coaches and then acts on this information in his or her own way, you may not always agree with the analysis of another person. But having this information “available” allows you to weigh the pros and cons of what you know and combine it with their input to formulate the best plan of action for your team.

After all, as my wife so delicately likes to point out, I’m not always right.

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