Adding the “Why” into “What”

Tell a kid to run around the track as fast as he can and record the time.

Tell the same kid to run around the track but explain that if he does it in 23 seconds or less that he will be able to go to the state championships with the rest of the team and be part of the relay.

Tell your team to try and score.

Tell the same team that they need to score 3 goals to win the tie breaker so they can advance into the semi-finals of regionals.

You know when the kid will run faster and you know when the team is more likely to score 3 goals.

In both cases where you’ve added the detailed explanation, you’ve given them the “why” and when people know “why” they’re doing something, they’re far more likely to actually do it.

Surprisingly, the “why” doesn’t even need to be a very good reason to work.

Studies have proven that any reason “why”, even a bad reason or nonsensical reason, motivates people to take an action more often than no reason “why” at all.

This is why we made sure that you can put the “why” into all your coaching videos with SocrPro and do it quickly and easily.

Sure, other systems will allow you to telestrate with screen drawings and text but this is the “what” part of your communication process. Until you add the “why” into the lesson, your audience, your players are far less likely to do what you’re asking them to do because they won’t truly understand “why” it’s important.

To solve this problem, SocrPro adds our industry exclusive “Coach’s Audio” feature into the coaching instruction (we call these coaching instructions “Coach’s Tips”).

All you need to do is click a button, speak into your computer’s microphone, and SocrPro makes your audio recording a permanent part of the playback video.

Now you can add the lines, circles, shapes, etc. onto your screen and then record your audio to explain what you’re demonstrating and why it’s important to the team.

When you put the “why” into your coaching, you’re guaranteed to see your players working and performing at the next level.

If you you’re not already using SocrPro today, then join now and start putting the “why” into your coaching.

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