A Genius Idea for Genius Soccer Players

It’s a common scenario; the players come off the field (pitch if you prefer) and you take the opportunity to explain to them, what they need to do differently to beat their opponent.

As you finish explaining, there are few, if any, questions and every kid smiles and nods their head when you ask them if they fully understand what adjustments are needed to win today’s match.

Optimism abounds right up to the time the ref blows his whistle.

Suddenly, the players that fully understood their instructions a few minutes before no longer seem to have any comprehension of what they were told and are making the exact same mistakes… sometimes worse!

Could these kids all be mentally programmed to forget everything they know at the sound of a whistle?

How can they go from full comprehension to completely wrong in such a short time?

Is it possible they really didn’t understand what they were told?

Maybe this has never happened to your team but I think most people have experienced this phenomenon whether it’s at home, work or on the soccer field. People hear what you say and understand it in many different ways.

The image you have in your mind is rarely the image shared in their mind.

It’s why communication is so hard and why coaches need to use video to explain things to their players if they really want their message to come across with the same image in everybody’s mind. You need to provide the image by placing it on a screen in front of their face.

Video isn’t the answer to everything.

But it is the answer to better communication and coaching is nothing more than being a great communicator.

SocrPro software will help you become the best coach you can be and help your players understand how to be the smartest and best players they can be while playing for you.

Half-time is a great time to inspire and motivate but a horrible time to “educate”. Attempting to “smarten” them up at that point is already too late. It’s like trying to teach them to dribble better by throwing cones down and running a dribbling drill at half-time.

Your players need a post game analysis that they can see, combined with your feedback and advice, to truly understand what they did well and what they need to improve. Video analysis of the game is absolutely the best way to provide this invaluable information.

If you want smarter, better players, then get your FREE account of SocrPro today and start using it after every game possible.

Gary Jezorski

PS Why SocrPro instead of other video coaching software? The same reason you play with soccer balls instead of basketballs. They’re both round balls but only 1 was built specifically for soccer.

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