A Tale of 2 Soccer Coaches

Last weekend I was helping a friend video his game and I couldn’t help but notice the stark contrast in the coaching styles at the game.

At the start of the game, both coaches were calm and reserved and let the boys play the game.

But as the game progressed a bit with one team dominating the scoring, the coaching styles started to noticeably diverge. While one coach held his comments to basic positioning remarks, i.e. instructing players to get higher, move wider, or fall back, etc. the other coach started “explaining” complex instructions to his players.

One coach remained calm while the other became noticeably more agitated as his players failed to comprehend and execute to his instructions.

And as the game progressed, so did his agitation and the complexity of his instructions but the game never swung around in his favor. One could easily argue that it turned for the worse and I doubt anyone would tell you that the players had a sudden epiphany and improved their performance.

The reality is that your ability to bring anything new to game day is over. The seeds you planted, the conditioning earned is now all you have when the whistle blows. No amount of “explaining” is going to change anything on that day.

But what happens the next day, at the next practice, will certainly affect what happens in the next game.

Will the players know why they lost the game? Will they truly understand that the margin of loss was much smaller than the difference in score?

This is where the coaching analysis of the game video is an invaluable tool to improve the sports intelligence of their players to expedite the development of their natural and earned physical skills.

No amount of “explaining” during the heat of the game is ever going to help a player improve. It’s the ability to reflect accurately on the game in a “no pressure” environment, with the help of effective coaching, that allows these players to improve practice by practice and game after game.

If you’re not using video analysis to help your players, are you really giving them everything they deserve?

Gary Jezorski


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