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When the Chicago Bulls were the championship dynasty of the NBA the General Manager, Jerry Krause, made a statement that championships were won by “great systems”.

Naturally, everyone laughed at this because everyone knew Michael Jordan was the reason the Bulls won 6 championships.

Even with Jerry Krause’s “great system”, the Bulls have not won a championship since Michael Jordan left.

But on the other hand, Jordan played in the NBA 7 years before winning his 1st championship and after his successful career with the Bulls, he played for the Washington Wizards with little positive effect.

So it appears that one is not mutually exclusive from the other.

It’s true that you need great players but it’s also true that great players in a weak system will plateau much sooner than their individual abilities would indicate.

Conversely, players in strong system will achieve results beyond that of their individual skills… the old saying of “the whole being greater than the sum of its’ parts”.

Because soccer is such a low scoring game, the “system” can take on a greater role since every scoring opportunity requires almost perfect execution to put the ball into the back of the net.

Teams that play consistently, that get into position every single time, that follow the shot every time, are the teams that win tough games and beat opponents with equal and often stronger talent.

They always seem to get the “lucky bounce”.

In this video, you’ll see the center striker following the ball even though it was obvious the goalie had this shot all lined up and the stop was all but guaranteed. But pay attention to the right striker and you’ll see her following the shot as well.

This score, and 1-0 victory, occurred in the 80th minute and after this goalie had stopped everything that came remotely close to the net. The teams were evenly matched and this was a hard fought physical game with both sides showing exhaustion from the long effort.

But the “system”, the quality coaching, the learned consistency and the individual drive of the players put this game into the W column because they followed EVERY shot to the goal from the opening whistle to the final second of the game.

This wasn’t a “fluke” or crazy “luck”, it was the product of a “great system” with disciplined players.

Had these players tried to win on talent alone, I guarantee this game wouldn’t have ended with the same result.

This is where talented players separate their team from their competition… by playing with a “great system”.

The challenge becomes educating your players to play within the “great system” through education and effective coaching.

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Gary Jezorski

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