I outrun lions & outsmart soccer players

Well… you know the truth.

I don’t actually outrun the lion; I just make sure there’s at least one person with me that I can outrun so I don’t need to be faster than the lion.

And when it comes to soccer players, I don’t need to be a better player, a faster player or a smarter player on game day. All I need to do is record video of the game and use a product like SocrPro to analyze and break down the game afterwards to discover the truth of what happened during the game.

Taking this step back from the real-time excitement and distraction of the game allows me to analyze the game and see the way things truly happened versus the way I “thought” it happened while I was watching the game in person.

To be able to pause the action, play it back in frame-by-frame slow motion, and scan the entire play area moves the game into a whole new light and makes me far smarter than anybody else watching the game in real-time.

Now certainly, when we both have the opportunity to view the game video, I think it’s fair to say my advantage quickly disappears and my bold statement no longer holds true.

But the advantage of video review is so large that anyone holding this advantage is almost certain to be smarter than anyone else without the benefit of post-game analysis.

So why do so few soccer coaches actually use video and coaching software to improve their coaching, improve their understanding of the facts, or use it to improve communication with their players?

Why do we focus so much time and attention on the physical side of the game and ignore the mental side?

People have told me that youth soccer players don’t need video. I’ve been told only pros need video to improve their game.

But if this were true, then why do coaches tell their players anything? Why coach at all? Why is it considered beneficial to “explain” something to a player but not considered beneficial to “show” them exactly what they’re doing right or doing incorrectly?

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, how many words is a video worth? 3,000… 5,000… 10,000?

There’s no doubt an investment of time is required but how much time will you save as a coach when you don’t need to repeat those 5,000 words over the course of a season?

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Gary Jezorski

PS At some point in time, the soccer coaching profession has moved on to better ways of coaching through video systems like SocrPro. The only thing you need to decide is if you’re going to be the one saving the rest of us from the lion.

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