Little thoughts about “Big Ideas”

Everyone loves the inspirational story about the “big thing” …but it’s the “little things” that really matter.

Not saying the “big things” don’t matter, it’s just that everyone focuses on the “big things” so these just become the baseline for what needs to be done.

There’s also a shortage of truly “big things” to tackle.

Here’s the real secret to “big things”; fixing several “small things” is the true “big thing”.

The challenge for most soccer coaches is finding a way to identify and communicate the “small things” to their players in a way they’ll understand and implement to improve.

For example, one of the common problems I see with youth soccer teams is the urgency in which they pass the ball. With so much emphasis on fast passes, players forget that they sometimes need to pass slowly.

Instead of playing “hot potato” and getting rid of the ball as quickly as possible, very often they need to hold the ball and take a few dribbles up the field in order to draw the defenders towards them and make the defenders honor them as a legitimate threat.

Too many times a player will pass the ball far too quickly and allow their natural defender to drop back and double team the recipient of the pass. This usually results in a lost ball and the person creating the turnover is not even aware they caused the problem because in their mind they did their job… they completed the pass.

In contrast, if they simply held the ball for a step or 2, their defender would need to step forward, the other defender would need to rotate and several other players would need to make a transitional adjustment to a new mark. These adjustments eventually get confused, players are left free, the middle opens up and your team is able to capitalize opportunistically during this state of confusion.

But none of this happens without the “small fix” of taking 2 steps versus passing immediately.

The challenge is teaching your players this subtle effect when it’s over so fast in the flow of the game. It’s not a “big moment” that sticks out and is easily identified or remembered.

The odds of fixing this problem are extremely low unless you use a video coaching software system like SocrPro.

Unless you record video of the game and then review these moments with your team, they’re never going to truly understand what you’re telling them and will therefore never fix the “small problem”.

Why some teams play hard, pass accurately and still lose the ball isn’t because they don’t do the “big things” correctly, it’s because they never learned the “small things” and how these “small things” are the things that lead to scoring opportunities and winning games.

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Teach your players the “small things” and you’ll see “big things” happen.

Gary Jezorski

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