MORE “Division” Needed in US Soccer

With the performance of the USMNT converting the players into World Cup spectators, it’s been a common mantra that US Soccer needs to “come together” to solve the lagging performance problem and create a powerful development system.

But is this really what we need?

If we’re going to “come together” as a group, who should we “come together” around?

Will we look to the mothership of US Soccer to provide the guiding light or should we circle the wagons around a German, Spanish or Brazilian program? Or maybe put the women’s team in charge since they’ve proven they can win on the world stage… so many options to choose from.

But I think any “single” program we choose will ultimately fail.

It reminds me of the old story of the semi-truck that drove under the bridge too low for the trailer to clear and got stuck. While everyone was “coming together” pulling the truck from the front and pushing the truck from the rear with no success, 1 young boy watching from the curb suggested they let some air out of the tires to lower the height of the trailer.

This boy could have “banded together” and provided an additional shoulder and legs to push with the rest of the crowd but that truck would still be stuck under the bridge; not moving an inch forward.

What US Soccer really needs are more people “doing their own thing”.

Experimenting, modifying, adapting and learning from every mistake and every success to “evolve” the performance of soccer into a world beating dynasty.

Trusting coaches and clubs to drive performance because they want to win games, build their clubs and ultimately devour the less successful, lagging clubs. To allow a free market approach without artificial hindrances of a controlling authority that decides who’s awarded “academy” status or who receives the centralized funding dollars.

To truly accelerate the performance of soccer, it’s necessary to allow as many “experiments” to take place concurrently so the best ideas can matriculate to the top while the weaker ideas fall off and make space for the next opportunity for success.

We don’t need to “come together” around some mythical genius soccer organization and hope they’ll solve the problem of US soccer, we just need to go out and win the next game, win our tournaments and take home the trophy for whatever league your team plays.

Set the example of how a good club creates success and you’ll set the example for the nation.

Gary Jezorski

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