I outrun lions & outsmart soccer players

Well… you know the truth.

I don’t actually outrun the lion; I just make sure there’s at least one person with me that I can outrun so I don’t need to be faster than the lion.

And when it comes to soccer players, I don’t need to be a better player, a faster player or a smarter player on game day. All I need to do is record video of the game and use a product like SocrPro to analyze and break down the game afterwards to discover the truth of what happened during the game.

Taking this step back from the real-time excitement and distraction of the game allows me to analyze the game and see the way things truly happened versus the way I “thought” it happened while I was watching the game in person.

To be able to pause the action, play it back in frame-by-frame slow motion, and scan the entire play area moves the game into a whole new light and makes me far smarter than anybody else watching the game in real-time.

Now certainly, when we both have the opportunity to view the game video, I think it’s fair to say my advantage quickly disappears and my bold statement no longer holds true.

But the advantage of video review is so large that anyone holding this advantage is almost certain to be smarter than anyone else without the benefit of post-game analysis.

So why do so few soccer coaches actually use video and coaching software to improve their coaching, improve their understanding of the facts, or use it to improve communication with their players?

Why do we focus so much time and attention on the physical side of the game and ignore the mental side?

People have told me that youth soccer players don’t need video. I’ve been told only pros need video to improve their game.

But if this were true, then why do coaches tell their players anything? Why coach at all? Why is it considered beneficial to “explain” something to a player but not considered beneficial to “show” them exactly what they’re doing right or doing incorrectly?

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, how many words is a video worth? 3,000… 5,000… 10,000?

There’s no doubt an investment of time is required but how much time will you save as a coach when you don’t need to repeat those 5,000 words over the course of a season?

If you want to take your coaching and your team to the next level of performance, then get your FREE SocrPro account today and discover what modern coaching software will do for you.

Gary Jezorski

PS At some point in time, the soccer coaching profession has moved on to better ways of coaching through video systems like SocrPro. The only thing you need to decide is if you’re going to be the one saving the rest of us from the lion.

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Soccer teams can run… but can’t hide!

Flip a perfectly weighted coin and the odds are 50/50 that it’s going to land on heads with the exact same odds for tails.

But flip the coin 10 times and it’s almost never going to land 5 times on heads and 5 times on tails. But… and this is the “big” but”… flip the coin long enough and the results will catch up with the odds and eventually you’ll find the coin does indeed land on heads 50% of the time.

That’s just the nature of statistics.

You can run from statistics but you can’t hide forever. Eventually they always catch up with you and bring the results based upon the statistical probability.

You see this in sports all the time.

Good teams out-play bad teams and still lose. Bad teams catch a lucky bounce and win games they never deserved to win.

But over the course of a long season, and more so over multiple seasons, the teams that “play the odds”, that do things right repeatedly are the teams that achieve long term success while the weaker “lucky” teams eventually drop off and settle into the lower positions they deserve.

The ball won’t bounce your way forever and it eventually comes down to the numbers.

This last weekend, our soccer team was playing a weaker team and was dominating on every measure of the game i.e. time of possession, passes completed versus passes lost, shots on goal, corner kick opportunities, etc.

By every measure, we should have been crushing this team.

But 1 good cross and a bad luck “own goal” later, all that hard work was negated and we found ourselves down 0-1 half way through the 2nd half.

Nobody could believe we were actually losing to a team we so thoroughly dominated all game.

Fortunately for us, and unfortunately for them, the relentless grind of “statistics” finally wore the other team down and by the end of the game, we came out on top with a 2-1 victory. The ball stopped hitting the cross bar and going a foot wide and started hitting the back of the net.

The final results deservedly matched the performance of the 2 teams.

In years past, it hasn’t always worked out this way.

Athletically, our team was always a soul crushing beast that shut down other teams defensively based upon sheer talent and individual effort. Not allowing opposing teams to score was a specialty of the team.

But not playing “proper soccer” was also a hallmark of the team and the statistics showed that the other teams were clearly playing “better soccer” even with less talented players.

While our team would win games, we also lost many games we shouldn’t have lost and never played to the level the talent pool should have allowed.

The problem was the “statistics”.

Time of possession was horrible because the passing ratio was worse than horrible. And the passing ratio was horrible because the ball was played disproportionately in a narrow channel in the middle 1/3 of the field.

Even the most talented players cannot overcome this type of poor ball management… they couldn’t outrun the statistics.

Slowly but surely, the team lost games to players far below their abilities, were relegated down 2 divisions and lost talented players tired of consistency losing games. All the time wondering why the “good luck” balls weren’t bouncing in their favor but never looking at the statistics to understand the true root cause.

Sound like a team you know?

  • Do you know your team’s performance statistics?
  • Do you even look at them?
  • Do you have a methodology in your club or is everyone flying by the seat of their pants and hoping to win with sheer talent and determination?

SocrPro can change all of that and is revolutionizing the science of soccer in ways that bode well for the coaches and clubs using the system and is going to greatly increase the performance separation between those that do not.

It won’t happen in the first 5 flips, maybe not even in the first 50… but give it enough time and the statistical beast will wear you down and then eat you for lunch.

You just need to decide if you’re going to be the beast or the brisket.

Gary Jezorski

SorcPro – Does it All!

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Mr. Spock Makes Crappy Soccer Software

My wife tells me it’s a “guy thing”.

That only “guys” quote movies as their philosophy in life. She’s probably right.

All the “guys” I know do it, and I certainly have never been able to truly understand how a women’s mind works, so I’ll go with her version of how this works.

But since I am a guy and a lifelong Star Trek fan (but for perspective of “geek-dom”, I’ve never attended a Star Trek convention and have never owned a set of Vulcan ears)… I’ll naturally refer to a line from my all-time favorite Star Trek movie: The Wrath of Khan.

As Mr. Spock was about to par-boil himself in the steam of the ship’s warp reactor to save the ship and crew from eminent destruction, he justified his heroic actions to Captain Kirk by stating, “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”.

Now, I’ll be the 1st to admit, that if I were on that starship, I’d be pretty happy that Mr. Spock used that logic so I could keep on living.

But when it comes to software, I would need to strap on my favorite “logic cap” and go mano a mano in a debate with Mr. Spock and argue that his logic is exactly why software products get so screwed up with complex structures and confusing user interface.

This was always a common debate between the “open” and flexible nature of Windows and the “closed” but reliable Apple operating systems. Sometimes “more” is better but often times, “more” is worse.

It’s this reasoning that led us to create a single sport software system like SocrPro.com. If you guessed that SocrPro was developed exclusively for “soccer”, then you’re 100% correct.

And the reason you were able to guess “soccer” so easily is also the reason we were able to tightly focus our development efforts to make SocrPro so easy to use with all the unique “soccer specific” things already built into the software.

Because SocrPro is a “single sport athlete”, it focuses 100% of its development efforts on making “soccer people” happy without all the extra clutter added for other sports (like those sports really matter anyhow?!?).

  • Field Number – right there in the mobile app
  • Itinerary System – just what the team assistant ordered
  • Meal Planner – nope, we’re not kidding… it’s already there to keep your TA sane
  • Player Evaluation System – more time on the field and less time writing
  • Scheduling System – yup, all there and better than the others
  • Messaging – keep the team and parents up to date at all times

…this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg (I would say “just a tentacle of the Crystalline Entity but that’s way too geeky even for me) and if I stopped here it would still be more than the “team stuff” and “team snaps” of the world.

If you’re as fanatical about soccer as I am, stay tuned as I tell you about all the other great things SocrPro does for players, coaches and parents.

SocrPro… does it all.

Get your copy today for free at SocrPro.com. Free today, free tomorrow, free forever.

Best Regards

Gary Jezorski

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Soccer Coaches… Can You Answer This?

I have 2 serious questions for you and you’ll likely be angry with me for even asking… I’m not sure why, but it seems to turn out that way more often than not.

How you answer these questions will either place you in the minority of soccer coaches or in with the vast majority of soccer coaches.

Question #1 – If your team was the “Home Team” and you had game statistics like these… would you do something different in your next week of practice?

Question #2 – Would you even know what your game statistics would be from any of your games?

I could make this even trickier and see if you could tell me what game was lost and what game was won but truthfully, it doesn’t even matter. Regardless of the final score, there’s no “victory” in these Home Team stats.

Peter Drucker is often quoted as saying, “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.”

Without knowing critical statistics like these, coaches, parents and players can leave the field feeling good and believing they’re on the right track, instead of understanding how these statistics will eventually catch up with them (they did) and how the team won’t win games against good teams without “lucky bounces” or advantageous calls by the referee.

I’ve been told that I cannot apply this type of statistical logic to soccer, that soccer is “different”, that it somehow eludes the laws by which all else is governed.

Statistics cannot account for the “creativity” in soccer or the free flowing nature of the game, etc, etc, etc.

Final Questions: Do you use coaching software like SocrPro.com or do you count on “instinct”, your “gut” or “experience”? Do you really know when your team is playing well or do you count on the scoreboard to provide the answer?

Gary Jezorski

PS There is 1 statistic I can guarantee with 100% certainty. Teams using SocrPro.com to improve their coaching are 100% guaranteed to be smarter, to play better, and to win more tough games than they would if they were not using SocrPro.com.

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Soccer Scholarship – 100% Success Rate

My daughter has been a competitive soccer player from a very young age.

From the earliest days of 3v3, where the most important part of the game was the frilliness of the team “scrunchies”, we’ve been trekking to the fields and spending our afternoons cheering for our favorite team.

As the years passed by, with the competition and commitment increasing exponentially, I started getting the question, “are you trying to get a scholarship for your daughter”?

The first time this question was asked, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. Was it a backdoor compliment about her playing ability or did they recognize my secret fanaticism about the game?

Could they really know that I watched almost every game at home, reviewed the video, looked for “teachable moments” of simple things that could help my daughter at her next game? Did my utter lack of knowledge about current professional and college sports standings tip my hand that I never watched “those teams” on TV?

Maybe I needed an actual answer to the age old “Cubs or White Sox” question?

But as the question came up more and more, I started thinking about the process of how a promising athlete could benefit from their years of hard work and practice and I came up with the perfect strategy that would allow any youth athlete to obtain a “scholarship” to the school of their choice.

The process I discovered was universal for all sports and genders and it literally has never failed!

So lean in really close, because I’m going to type this really quietly… the guaranteed way to get your son or daughter a scholarship to the college of their choice is to skip playing club soccer and invest that money into a good college fund.

Instead of paying for 14 years of soccer fees, uniform fees, private lesson fees, camp fees, clinic fees and travel expenses, you’ll deposit that money straight into their college plan and when they graduate from high school, they’ll be able to attend any school that lets them in based upon academic ability.

On the other hand, if you want to have mid-field “season passes” to the most exciting soccer you’ll ever watch, then let your kids play club ball and pay the fees with no expectations beyond the next game and figure out another way to pay their college tuition.

If a scholarship does find its way into your mailbox, then appreciate it as you would any winning “lottery ticket” but never count on a scholarship just as you would never play the lottery as an investment strategy.

Gary Jezorski

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There’s even a Player’s Page provided for all accounts so you can have your profile online along with all your highlight and / or game videos.

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How to kill the Soccer “no I’m nots”

You’ve heard it before… the younger kids will tell you “no I’m not” while the older kids have “mostly” learned to filter their comments but you can tell by the look on their face that they hear you but still don’t believe you.

In their mind, they’re still saying “no I’m not”.

Sometimes they’re not even consciously aware that they’re suffering from a case of the “no I’m nots” but every fiber of their inner being is fighting their conscious thoughts and convincing them that they couldn’t possibly be making such a fundamental error.

How could they? Especially when they’re one of the best players on the team!

The simple reality is that athletes aren’t purposely doing things

incorrectly… they’re doing things the way they think is the best way to beat the defender or shoot the ball.

If they didn’t believe it, they wouldn’t be doing it.

So, when someone tells them they’re doing it wrong, their natural instinct is to say, or at least think, “no I’m not”.

As a coach, as a teacher of any kind, the required first step to improving a specific behavior is to get the person to believe they need to change. In soccer, the easiest way to convince them that they’re making a mistake is to simply allow them to see themselves make that error.

Using soccer game video as a coaching tool not only helps a team win more games, it’s absolutely essential to develop individual players to their highest level. The concept of having a post-game “discussion” and expecting anything to change is on par with describing the color blue to someone who’s color blind.

They “kind of” get it but they’ll never truly understand the color blue the same way as someone that can actually see a color slide of the “blue” you’re describing. The shade, the hue, the depth of the color can only really be understood visually.

If you really want your players to improve their strategic game play, and their individual performance, then you need to record and review game film with your team. They need to visually see what you’re describing to truly understand your points.

This simple reality is why we developed SocrPro software for soccer coaches and why we record every training session at SocrLabs. It makes player development exponentially faster and easier.

The “no I’m nots” are difficult critters to kill and breed like rabbits on double strength Viagra, so add video recording to your coaching arsenal and you’ll be able to sit back and visually see the performance difference in your players and team.

Develop the mind and the body for powerful results!

Gary Jezorski

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