Avoid “Average”… get the “Edge”!

In sports and business it’s the same principle; if you do what the “average” person does, you’ll get similar results to the “average” person.

Sure, some people are simply more talented, or smarter, or luckier, but in general, when you do what everyone else does you’ll get what everyone else gets.

On average… you’ll be average… it’s the law of averages.

In business, the average person gets to work on time and leaves on time (or a few minutes later, to avoid being the 1st one out the door.)

They do what they’re told to do and generally do a good job.

But the people rising to the top of an organization are the individuals that come in early, before the “average” person arrives, to prepare for the day, to clear the left-over clutter from the day before, and to ensure they’re already “running” when the rest of the folks are just “walking” in through the front lobby.

These people are at the top of their game and rarely get caught by surprise.

At the end of the day, they stay late to complete the things that came up during that work day instead of putting them off until tomorrow because they know “tomorrow” will again fill to capacity with new “tomorrow” items… so they get it done now.

These are the people that realized instantly Tim Ferriss’ book, “The 4 Hour Work Week” was a light-hearted piece of fiction versus the way truly successful people succeed. It’s why CEOs rarely have a “balanced” life.

It’s also why “average” is where “average” is… because if everyone was doing what the highly successful people were doing, that would become the “new average”. But being highly successful simply isn’t something most people truly want.

They may desire the financial benefits but they’re not willing to pay the price to get there – and for most folks that’s OK!

This is also true in sports (When I speak of “sports”… I really mean “soccer”.)

The “average” soccer player goes to every practice and does what the coach tells them to do and they do it with a solid effort. Some kids will have more natural talent and they’ll play better and develop faster from the same practice.

But there are always the players that want more… that want the “edge”!

They don’t want to play intramural soccer; they want to be on the competitive team. And not only do they want to make the team… they want to be a “starter” on the team.

These are the kids putting in the extra effort outside of practice.

While their teammates are sitting around playing video games and snap-chatting, these kids are putting in the extra effort to put a gap between themselves and “average”.

These kids are getting the “edge”!

They rise to the top, make the top teams, win the starting position and clearly stand-out on the field to everyone watching the game.

This “edge” isn’t for everyone but everyone knows the kids that have it.

The CloudNet360 small business automation / CRM system was designed for the business person that wants the “edge” in their business while SocrPro and SocrLabs were designed to give soccer coaches and soccer players the edge they need to win on the field.

So, I need to ask you… do you have the “edge”?

Gary Jezorski

P.S. Check out this short video of kids “gaining their edge” while having fun doing it.

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Lefty Loosey… Righty Tighty – Predictable as Soccer

From the time my father had me running for tools as his project gopher (“go for” this, “go for” that), I knew by heart the old mechanic’s saying “lefty loosey… righty tighty”.

If you’ve never had the benefit of helping your father work on a stalled car outside in the middle of winter with steel tools cold enough to cryogenically freeze a 27-pound turkey, this old saying refers to the thread direction of standard bolts and which way you turn the wrench in order to tighten the nut or loosen the nut.

(Naturally, it states nothing about the fact that the insulated glove you’re wearing will always be too big to allow your hand to fit where it needs to go to get the job done)

Following this simple rule helps to make you more efficient while completing a project because you already know which way to turn the wrench without taking the time and effort to analyze the bolt threads to determine their orientation.

Rules like this exist because they hold significant truth, not absolute trut, but enough truth to make you a better mechanic.

And so it is with soccer, any sport really, but who really cares about those “other” sports?

Players all have specific traits and in general you’ll see the same things happen over… and over… and over on the field. It’s as predictable as the thread on a bolt and when you know what these traits are you can use them to your advantage to squash your opponent before they even make their move.

You’ll already know what they’re going to do before they even do it!

Here’s a quick example.

My daughter plays right fullback on her club travel team and has played this position for a number of years, developing the habits and recognition necessary to play the position very effectively.

But joining her varsity high school soccer team as a freshman meant switching sides to left fullback because there was an upperclassman already in her normal position.

Suddenly she was getting beat to the baseline and opponents were crossing on her… definitely not a good situation and not something that happens on her “normal” side.

Fortunately, the solution to the problem wasn’t a change in her game or requiring extra training… just a little study time in front of the computer monitor to discover the solution to the problem.

In short, offensive players driving the ball down the right line (their strong side) will drive the ball deep before turning in or crossing because they favor their right foot and driving deep allows them to play off their right foot.

Offensive players driving down the left side (their weak side) will tend to pull up early and turn in because this allows them to play off their favored right foot.

So as a defender used to playing opponents that pull up early and cut in, she was getting beat by players that had no intention of cutting in early and were focused on the base line.

Once she realized the player tendency differences of the right side versus the left side, she was able to defend the players based upon the knowledge of what each player was going to do i.e. play tight on the strong side attack knowing it was heading deep and play a little looser on the weak side attack knowing they were going to pull up and cut in.

Lefty loosey… righty tighty.

SocrPro soccer coaching software was designed to make this type of analysis easy so coaches and players alike can review and understand these types of repeating traits to improve their game.

If you haven’t experienced a system like SocrPro for yourself, then get your FREE copy here and start developing smarter, happier players that win more games and have more fun.

Gary Jezorski

Yes… yes… I know. Just as there are reverse threaded bolts, there are players that defy the norms. But turning the wrench for the exception is just as silly as training for the exceptions.

It’s always best to treat exceptions for what they are… exceptions.

CloudNet360 – The easiest, most reliable and small business sales automation system.

SocrPro – Turning good players into great players… and it’s FREE.

SocrLabs – Elite training center using Next-Gen technology to improve motivated players.

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A Twisted Tale of a Soccer Business Startup

Before I start, I want to apologize to everyone that has sent me a message recently and has not received a timely (or any) reply. It may have seemed as though I’d fallen off the face of the earth and in some ways I did.

Not the entire earth, just the earth outside of our office complex.

Let me explain.

The catalyst occurred back in September of 2015 but in reality, it had been slow simmering for many years before that day.

As an avid youth soccer fan and previous soccer coach, I’ve been video recording youth soccer games for about a decade. I’ve used these videos to help kids better understand the game and how to better play their position so they can be smarter players and win more games… or at least have better personal performances.

There are 2 things I learned from this:

  1. Video Works – It’s a communication tool without peer and creates understanding better than any other form of communication. Seeing truly is believing!
  2. Kids Like It – They like to watch themselves in general and they love it even better when they learn tips and tricks to improve their game. I cannot tell you how many times kids have asked me to watch video versus me prompting them.

*I’ve had people tell me their kids hate video… that’s usually a sign that you’re doing it wrong and should probably video yourself while going over video with the kids to understand why they hate it.

But there was always trouble with soccer video.

Huge file sizes made it almost impossible to share amongst parents and coaches and the existing software was created for “the other” football instead of soccer.

US Soccer was always forced to use the “modified” version.

As the day was winding down Friday afternoon before the Labor Day weekend, I received a Skype call from a long term graphic arts partner and their bookings were desperately in need of a boost. At the same time, we were looking at new avenues to promote CloudNet360 to our customer base of small and new businesses.

Combining the 2 needs, we decided to finally pull the trigger and create a brand-new soccer specific video software product for coaches to analyze soccer games, parents to share game videos, and players to create and share highlights of their games.

The mission was to use an open source video editor, modify it for our needs using outsourced labor and then offer it as a “freemium” product. We would then video blog all these steps and teach people how to effectively use CloudNet360 plus open source tools and outsourced labor to create, manage, and grow this business.

A win-win right?

Well, on paper yes. In reality… no!

3-months into the project, instead of launching, we watched in horror as the wheels fell completely off the wagon. The open source editor failed, the outsourced labor underestimated the technical challenges and everything was basically trash.

At this point we could have pulled the plug and used it as a “failure is a good lesson” teaching moment to close out the video blog but I hate failure. The only thing I truly learn from failing is how much it sucks.

Instead, we slammed down hard on the “reset” button and started over.

The small scale “modification” effort turned into a very large “start from scratch and build everything” effort with resources and expertise we knew we could trust. Three months turned into 18-months and our $8,000 budget swelled into… well, let’s not go there.

We even jettisoned the original name and threw out all the developed graphics that went with it. The only thing we kept were the original product screen graphics provided by our graphics partner.

The system morphed from a basic online video editor into a full-blown soccer coaching and administrative “system”. Still simple to use but now a soccer club can run their entire organization from 1 login including:

  1. Video Editor – Coaching tags, screen telestration, coach’s audio tips, plus full analytics
  2. Learning Center – A library of training and demonstration information and videos to create the culture you want for your organization
  3. Player’s Pages – Everyone can now have on online presence they control for sharing their profile and video highlights with friends & college recruiters.
  4. Scheduling System – One calendar for all practices, games and events plus the ability to attach an itinerary with all the details needed for a travel team i.e. wake up time, arrive time, dinner time, etc.
  5. Player Evaluations – Automated for time savings with built in admin controls and monitoring.
  6. Notification Center – Controls your automated notices
  7. Message Center – Player, team and club level communication simplified.
  8. Leader Board – Highlight and encourage skill development
  9. Reports – View performance metrics of your players and teams with graphical ease
  10. Mobile App – Everything at your fingertips at the office or on the field

Naturally, each of these modules require many details to make them complete and easy to use but this falls outside the scope of the story.

Just describing this is making me exhausted… so what the heck was I thinking taking it further?

Sometimes things just happen. Destiny, I suppose.

You see, 2 years prior to starting this soccer coaching software project, we added an indoor soccer field to the back area of the CloudNet360 distribution warehouse located behind the offices. But we quickly abandoned the use of this field because the commercial soccer training system was so boring the players hated it after only a few sessions and refused to show up.

There the indoor field sat idle until…

…until the soccer software brought us deeper into the soccer clubs and coach after coach expressed the burning need for indoor winter training facilities. Coupled with 2 seasons of youth soccer where the players dropped like flies in a snowstorm from knee and ankle injuries, it was obvious there was a need for something better.

The “something better” was cross training designed specifically for soccer players with speed, agility, strength and injury prevention as the primary mission.

Not a place to scrimmage or to substitute outdoor soccer practice with “less good” indoor practice but a program to make soccer players faster and stronger when they step back onto the soccer field for practice or games.

With overwhelming commitment from local clubs, SocrLabs was born.

Now we have the trifecta of businesses with:

  1. SocrPro.com – Managing, coaching and video sharing
  2. SocrLabs – Physical training of elite soccer players
  3. CloudNet360.com – Sales, marketing, and management automation

Going forward, I’ll share more details of the trials, tribulations and successes we’ve experienced along the way but for now I’m simply going to promise to get back to being available and I hope to hear from you about your small business automation needs, soccer club coaching and automation, or great training ideas for elite youth soccer players.

Check out this short video of some of the kids working hard but having fun at SocrLabs.

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A Tale of 2 Soccer Coaches

Last weekend I was helping a friend video his game and I couldn’t help but notice the stark contrast in the coaching styles at the game.

At the start of the game, both coaches were calm and reserved and let the boys play the game.

But as the game progressed a bit with one team dominating the scoring, the coaching styles started to noticeably diverge. While one coach held his comments to basic positioning remarks, i.e. instructing players to get higher, move wider, or fall back, etc. the other coach started “explaining” complex instructions to his players.

One coach remained calm while the other became noticeably more agitated as his players failed to comprehend and execute to his instructions.

And as the game progressed, so did his agitation and the complexity of his instructions but the game never swung around in his favor. One could easily argue that it turned for the worse and I doubt anyone would tell you that the players had a sudden epiphany and improved their performance.

The reality is that your ability to bring anything new to game day is over. The seeds you planted, the conditioning earned is now all you have when the whistle blows. No amount of “explaining” is going to change anything on that day.

But what happens the next day, at the next practice, will certainly affect what happens in the next game.

Will the players know why they lost the game? Will they truly understand that the margin of loss was much smaller than the difference in score?

This is where the coaching analysis of the game video is an invaluable tool to improve the sports intelligence of their players to expedite the development of their natural and earned physical skills.

No amount of “explaining” during the heat of the game is ever going to help a player improve. It’s the ability to reflect accurately on the game in a “no pressure” environment, with the help of effective coaching, that allows these players to improve practice by practice and game after game.

If you’re not using video analysis to help your players, are you really giving them everything they deserve?

Gary Jezorski


Turning “good” into “great” with the only video coaching system designed and built 100% for soccer and the people that love soccer.

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