Free Soccer Scheduling Software

With free sports scheduling applications already saturating the market, it’s fair to ask why we decided to create our own free sports scheduling software.

To answer this question accurately, it’s critical to note that we did not create another “sports” scheduling app, we created the only free “soccer” scheduling software.

This one-word difference may not seem like much but it is a major difference that forms the foundation of everything we’ve done to make this scheduling app the best scheduling software for soccer.

Like anything else, there are easily identifiable overlapping aspects in every sport. Soccer players need to run, jump and backpedal like athletes in many other sports. Some run forward more than laterally, or backwards… but they all run.

With standard sports scheduling software, they will all greatly help with communication; identifying the game start time, address of the facility, and more.

But then there are the differences; and like the sport itself, the differences create a major chasm in the real-world application of how a soccer player runs, how much they run, their style of running and how they need to train for the actual game of soccer.

This same scenario presents itself when you start to compare “general purpose” sports scheduling software to scheduling software built specifically for soccer.

Soccer scheduling has very unique aspects that need to be addressed.

For a soccer team that only plays locally, the differences are minimal (although knowing the field number and not just the location sure helps) but when you start talking about the expanded needs of a travel team, there is no “general purpose” scheduling software that gets the job done like the SocrPro scheduling system.

No other scheduling app was built for the specific needs of travel soccer teams. SocrPro is literally the only one!

At SocrPro, we know how hard it is to coordinate all the aspects of a travel team and built our free soccer coaching software to make it easier, so you spend more time on the game plan and less time on travel plans.

So, let me ask some simple questions about your “sports” scheduling software.

Does your software…
            …have an itinerary system built in?

            …have a meal planner built in?

            …manage hotels?

            …accommodate chaperones?

            …incorporate bus / van scheduling?

            …incorporate match analysis sessions?

            …manage team activities from the time they wake up until lights out?

These are just the highlights, but I think it’s easy to see that SocrPro understands the unique and special needs of a travel soccer team.

This depth of understanding doesn’t come from “coding geeks”, focus groups or Twitter… it comes from living the soccer travel life for years. The first time you look at the SocrPro free soccer scheduling software you’ll know we’re not an “all sports” app.

I tend to make a few enemies whenever I say this but “I don’t care about other sports, I love soccer” and we’ll never add features for other sports because it only adds clutter, complexity, and compromise.

Never compromise – use SocrPro

(unless you like baseball… then get off this page)

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