The Proven SocrPro Billing System

Parent Block – Feature Update

Parents are your customers… parents write the checks that keep your soccer club operating. Without soccer “parents”, you would have no soccer “players”.

So how do you balance the need of the soccer parents to stay informed and up to date but not allow them to interfere with the daily operation of the team?

This simple Parent Block feature, along with our Linking system allow you to have the best of both worlds. Parents that are up to date but also held at “arms length” to keep your team running smoothly.

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Focus Animation vs Coach’s Tips… Why it Matters!

One of the great features of SocrPro is the ability to easily create multiple video types from 1 video project.

Coach’s videos needed… just add tags and coach’s tips.

Highlight video needed… just click the highlight button where you have some great action and it’s all done automatically.

BUT… there’s always a “but”!

You need to understand what will be included in each video type because somethings were intended to work only with specific video types. Watch this video to understand what works where and how it all works for you.

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