Soccer Scheduling Software

Soccer scheduling software

Soccer scheduling software might sound like it should be the same as other scheduling software like TeamSnap, Heja, Spond, TeamStuff… or pick the next dozen general purpose sports scheduling apps.

The trouble is, treating sports management software generically is similarly bad as treating all sports the same. Baseball is played with a ball, football is played with a ball, golf is played with a ball yet nobody would ever consider these sports to be similar to each other.

If you would never mix soccer with golf, why would you ever assume that 1 sports scheduling app or sports team management system would be fine for both golf and soccer?

Most people would never think this makes sense. is the only sports team management system built specifically for soccer and it’s the only one that actually does the things that a soccer coach needs, a soccer club needs, and soccer players want.

SocrPro even takes care of all the “soccer moms” and “soccer dads” by allowing everyone to have copies of the game videos, and coaching videos, to save and use in any manner they choose.

But back to the scheduling aspect of the sports apps because apps like Heja and TeamSnap are really only capable of scheduling and maybe that’s all you really want from your soccer team app today.

So why should you still choose SocrPro as your team scheduling management app versus TeamSnap or Heja or Spond?

Before I answer that question, I want to ask you where you go if you need to have your knee scoped for a torn ACL? Do you go to your general practitioner or do you go to a specialist i.e. a “knee doctor”?

When you need your oil changed, any shop will do but when your engine control blows out of your BMW, do you take it to Jiffy Lube and ask them to “see what they can do” or do you take it to a specialist at the BMW dealership?

If you want to have the best soccer scheduling system, do you think you’re going to have better luck with the generic “team” guy, or the general purpose “re-spender” or the goofy named “nobody knows what this means” guy?

SocrPro is the best team management and scheduling app for one very simple reason – it was built for soccer, just for soccer, specifically for soccer and for the exact needs of soccer.

There is no other sports app built just for soccer so naturally SocrPro is going to be the best option for soccer.

Ok, you still need more to be convinced?

How about the fact that SocrPro is the only sports scheduling app that addresses the simple, but critical items like “kit color”,  “arrival time”?

Now let’s talk about traveling with a soccer team.

Local rec teams are easy. Just schedule the games at the local park and that’s it – super simple.

But travel soccer teams are an entirely different animal. Every soccer coach and soccer admin knows how painful and time consuming it is to travel to a tournament or showcase or even an out of state league game.

SocrPro is the only soccer scheduling software to address the needs of a travel soccer team. With a full itinerary system and meal planner built-in, you’ll literally save 7.63 hours on average per travel weekend.

Not to mention what it’s worth to not hear the complaints from the players when their meal is wrong or there’s cheese on the burger of the kid that’s lactose intolerant.

Using SocrPro as your team scheduling app is not really a choice between many options. Soccer teams have a single “good option” and then a slew of 2nd choice alternatives.

SocrPro is also the only true FREE forever scheduling option so you will not need to provide anything other than a name and email address to start today and use it forever.

Get SocrPro today for your soccer team and you’ll never look at another team sports app again – I guarantee it.

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