Hudle – Video Software for Soccer

Hudle for soccer, or hudle for football… one is wrong, one is right, one makes no sense and one is tight.

So, the first thing you need to think about is why you’re looking at hudle software. What are you going to do with it and what sport are you most interested?

If you’re a soccer coach, soccer player, or soccer parent, it’s highly unlikely that you even want to consider hudle for your soccer videos because hudle is made for the sport it was named after I.e., football and not soccer.

As the name strongly implies, Hudle was created for the sole intent of being a great video software product for football. American football and not the global “football” played everywhere else in the world.

Hudle was named after the “huddle” used by American football players to call their new plays between every play but when was the last time you saw a soccer team create a huddle (or hudle) during a game?

“Huddles” do not make any sense for a free-flowing sport like soccer because the game is not played in a “stop and start” format. There is only “start and go, and go, and go some more”. There are no “plays” called throughout the game and only during set pieces are there organized positions and defined movements.

Hudle video software is equally like a fish out of water when soccer coaches try to use it for soccer. If you have a free flowing, continuous sport like soccer, lacrosse, hockey, etc. then you need to use video software made specifically for a sport that never stops.

Why is this so important?

Hudle relies on “playlists” where the plays are broken up and defined for every play but “playlists” make no sense for a game that is continuous. Since there is no “stop & start” to the game, there is no real “stop and start” to the video. If there is no “stop and start” in the video, then “playlists” that rely on short video snippets simply do not work at all.

The closest analogy is to think of a 90-minute album of continuous music from 1 artist versus assembling a collection of single songs and assembling them into enough segments to equal 90-minutes.

They both will technically “work” to create 90-minutes of music, but an album is assembled to flow continuously and harmoniously where a 90-minute collection of separate songs is going to be quite a bit more disjointed.

Ahhhh… you say, “but what about 90-minutes of greatest hits?”

Sure, there is a time and place for this style of video and if SocrPro was unable to also create this type of video, then that might be a chink in the armor but SocrPro is capable of creating “playlists”. In SocrPro, a “playlist video” is called “segments”.

Video segments can be useful for creating a season long highlight video or creating videos for specific purposes like goalkeeper saves, or goals scored, or great defensive stops etc. But it’s never wise to use a system created for the exceptional tasks when you really need a video software platform that solves the vast majority of your needs for the vast majority of what you do with the software.

In the end, the most important decision you need to make when deciding between Hudle and SocrPro lies in the name of the video software and the sport you’re using the video software for video game analysis.

Football = Hudle

Soccer = SocrPro

Both lead their sport, but one was made for your sport and one was not made for your sport.

In either case, only 1 has a FREE forever option and that software brand is SocrPro (Hudle only offers a very limited free trial and this is not even offered all the time).

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Soccer video analysis software

Soccer video analysis software is not the same as generic sports analysis software in the same way that soccer is not the same sport as the other popular sports like American football, basketball, and baseball.

Because soccer is unique, to perform soccer video analysis, the software needs to be unique as well. Soccer video analysis software needs to be purpose-built and not simply a derivative of another sport’s video analysis software system with a “soccer” label added and sold as a soccer video analysis tool.

Let’s explore a few of the things that make a good soccer video analysis software system:

  1. Built for soccer – This cannot be stated often enough. If a video system is built specifically for soccer, it’s going to be better than a video analysis system built for another sport.

    Just as a pick-up truck is better for hauling trailers and a sports car is better at going fast at the race track, the software is better when it’s purpose-built and then used for that purpose. Sure, there are fast pick-up trucks but none of them will achieve the lap times of a purpose-built sports car.

  2. Easy to use – Good workflow tends to follow product design. When the soccer video analysis software is built from the onset with a singular purpose, it’s common sense that the most important features will be easy and accessible without the clutter and complexity of a general-purpose system with “soccer features” added into the software platform.

  3. Handles massive video files – 90 minutes is an average soccer game but many games run longer due to injuries, delays, etc. This means an already massive video file is going to become even “more massive” so the video analysis software needs to be able to handle these large files without bogging down.

    In contrast, American football really has only 5 to 10 minutes of actual video action so the files are much smaller and the software does not need to be as robust.

  4. Functional sharing – YouTube makes it easy to share a video so anyone can watch the video. While convenient, this can be a huge detriment when there are people i.e. competitors, that you do not want to view your team and obtain scouting info.

    What you really want is a system that allows you to not only share the video, you want to retain viewing controls and you want to be able to share the video so others can use the source video to create their own videos.

    This allows parents and players to create highlight videos for college recruiting from the same source video that you use for your coaching analysis.

  5. Remote Coaching – Time is always short during the season so your soccer video analysis software must allow other designated people to help you with the work and lighten the load.

There is really only 1 soccer video analysis system that checks all these boxes and best of all, it’s 100% FREE forever!

SocrPro soccer video analysis software was built from the ground up, from day #1, to be a dedicated soccer software platform and its fulfilled this mission to become the most loved soccer platform available.

If you need to do soccer video analysis, you’re going to love the SocrPro free coaching tools and your players will love the feedback they get from you.

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There’s a “free soccer billing software” scam being used by almost all

There’s a “free soccer billing software” scam being used by almost all the top players in the sports billing software industry today but this scam is 100% legal. Whether it’s ethical is a different story but there’s a lot of gray area to be debated.

The truly shocking aspect of this sports industry billing scam isn’t that it exists… after all, it’s 100% legal… the shocking part is that this type of billing scheme was uncovered and all but eliminated 17-years ago in the e-commerce world.

Used and promoted widely in the early 2000’s, it was quickly replaced by a more cost efficient model and once this other model was in place, nobody was willing to go back to the “loan shark” rates charged by the “old school” e-commerce billing systems.

But just as “get rich quick” schemes seem to reappear in different venues, from the back pages of magazines to the high-tech venue of the internet, and then back to direct mail… this insane billing scam has reappeared in the sports industry without anyone really noticing.

I suppose it’s not that surprising since soccer coaches are not known to be e-commerce experts and e-commerce experts are typically not running sports businesses. I’ll admit that I had no idea this even existed any longer and was shocked to discover the scheme still lived in the far corners of the sports industry.

Worst of all… there are still many that actually like this billing model, even when they’re paying exorbitant fees, for a commodity service.

Many believe that since these fees are added onto the “back-end” of the transaction, that their customers (i.e. sports parents) do not even notice that they are being charged above and beyond what they agreed to pay.

Nothing could be further from the truth. They all “notice” but they do not blame the billing software for the extra fees, they blame the soccer club because that’s show they think they’re paying.

The end result is that the soccer club receives the “hate” for the fees but the billing software receives the money… not a good deal for the soccer club!

But there is a better way if you can spare 9-minutes!

Soccer clubs can easily follow the exact same model that all the online e-commerce businesses follow. Investing 9 minutes of work -1 time – into setting up their billing system will allow them to dramatically reduce those fees and keep that money for the club versus giving it to another company.

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Soccer Billing Scam? You Decide

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