Attention Soccer Coaches! Are you looking for a new adventure this 2021?

If you love soccer and you feel you have what it takes to develop young soccer players into great soccer players..

then get ready for a new soccer adventure because Challenger Sports is recruiting.

We sat down with Alex Green, Vice President of Challenger Sports, as he discussed what type of coaches they are looking for to help them gear up for Spring and Summer 2021.

Awesome Soccer Opportunities for Adult Players

For people like us who live and breathe soccer, being forced to stop playing just because we graduated high school or college is dreadful. The game shouldn’t stop for people who wanted to continue playing.
But are there any good opportunities for great players to continue playing competitive soccer after 18?
Let’s watch this video and find out.

Study and Play Abroad with Challenger Sports

Imagine this: You get to play soccer all year round with professional clubs in the UK and still be able to earn a college degree in just 3 years! Is that even possible?!

Watch this video as Ryan Hodgson, Director of Talent Identification with Challenger Sports, discusses how you can take advantage of this great opportunity.

Soccer development from Youth to Professional level

As a soccer coach, our goal is to make our soccer team the best team possible. There are many ways, different methods out there that could help us reach this goal.

Training in a team environment and training individually are two different ways of going about accomplishing this.

Let’s watch this interview with Coach Matt Higgins and see which method he thinks is the best.

Let’s bring the “fun” in Soccer Practices

When you think of routine, the first thing that comes to mind is boring.
Fun and routine does not exactly go together like peanut butter and jelly or mac and cheese right? 😀

In soccer, as well as any other sports, we need to establish a good routine to build a good soccer foundation for our young players. The question is, how do we do this while keeping our young players engaged and at the same time enjoying the practice sessions?

Today we are pleased to have Coach Karl Dewazien with us as he shares tips and techniques about how to bring fun to soccer during practices for the kids.