Is Ram really better than a Ford F-150 or Chevrolet Silverado & GMC Yukon?

The short answer is “yes”!

The longer answer is a bit more complicated but still “yes” in my opinion… and it helps explain why software saves time for you and your soccer club.

Neither Ford nor Chevy can match the smooth ride or interior quality of the Ram so for the people that care about these items like I do, the Ram is the best truck made… for me!

But more importantly, I’ve grown accustomed to the layout and operation of the truck. When I get in my friend’s Ram, I know where all the controls are and how they work so even though he has a different model Ram, it all looks, feels and operates the same way.

It’s easy for me to use!

Software is the same as choosing a truck, in many ways, because it’s always a personal preference, but imagine if you used a Ram for commuting to work, then a Ford while hauling loads in the bed of the truck and switched to a Chevrolet for towing. 

Things start to get a bit confusing.

Suddenly you’re “dialing to a different gear” in the Ram while attempting to change the radio station because you just hopped out of the Ford and spraying the windshield with the “column shifter” after driving the Chevrolet.

Even when things “work”, everything is easier when everything works the same way.

Because is one system, all the modules work with the same logic and process flow so once you learn one, you understand them all, Think about Microsoft Office and how much easier it is to use Excel because it uses the same menu structure as Word.

You will save time with SocrPro because you’ll have one login where everything works the same, is easier to learn, easier to use, and everything is in one application. 

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KickIt Review

As a soccer coach, we are always on the look out for a good training aid. One that does not only help develop soccer skills but also adds fun and enjoyment to our regular training sessions.

We’ve been using this product for more than two weeks now, we’ve had ample time to play with it. So I think this is the best time to share with you guys what we think about this new product.

Watch this video for my review of KickIt.

Futsal or Soccer?

In order to be a successful soccer player, one must posses physical literacy and ball mastery at a young age. According to Coach Daniel Berdejo Del Fresno, playing futsal will greatly help in developing these skills.
The smaller playing space of futsal also gives more opportunities for players to touch the ball which is crucial in developing players’ tactical and mental aspect of the game.
Join us today as we discuss how futsal benefits soccer development.