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There’s “Free” but then there’s *free.

There’s “Free” but then there’s *free.

“Free” will cost you nothing…

…but *free will cost you a fortune!

“Free” is like the Sunday meal your mother makes while *free is like the bribe they offer you to sit through a timeshare presentation while on vacation in Cancun.

How does this matter to soccer clubs?

*Free uses back-end fees added to every transaction.

*Free robs your small club of $3,290 / annually.

*Free robs large club of over $53,763 / annually.

*Free adds zero value… only fees.

“Free” is not having any transaction fees.

“Free” requires zero extra work / effort.

“Free” is what you get with SocrPro while *free is what you get with the “other guys”.

“Free” is actually free while *free is far from free.

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Just pass it through to the customer

“Just pass it through to the customer”

“You won’t need to pay it”

I asked… “If the customer is willing to pay the extra fee, couldn’t I just keep it?”

The salesman couldn’t answer.

Could this be the dumbest reason to overpay?

Yet our competition does exactly what this guy was pitching to me for his system.

The “other guys” overcharge the customer (soccer clubs) and convince them that it doesn’t matter because the extras fees are added during the checkout process.

Am I alone in recognizing that the customer can see those “bonus fees” added to the transaction?

Do soccer clubs really not understand that even if the customer is willing to pay those fees, that the club could keep them if they were not foolishly handing them to their software provider?

Let me make this perfectly clear.

Any money spent by your customer should be yours.

If there is a “bonus fee”, that money is yours.

If a software provider keeps that “bonus fee”, they are keeping your money.

The money they keep is a direct cost to the club.

Every dollar lost in “bonus fees” is the equivalent of a dollar taken from your bank account.

There is no such thing as a “customer paid fee”. 

There is only revenue and expense. 

Call these 2 things anything you like but it never changes the truth.

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Power of “1”

It’s overlooked and maligned…

…but it’s critical for your project’s success.

Most will get this wrong.

It’s the supernatural “power of 1”.

The easiest way to fail is to over complicate your projects.

The best way to succeed is to focus on “1”.

Just 1!

Because when you focus on 1, it defines your most critical needs and gets you to the mission goal as quickly as possible.

Let’s use automated player registration as an example.

Every action, every task, is easily defined and prioritized by asking this simple question, “does this help us register our 1st player”?

Now you’re able to focus on this single mission and take the project through the progression step-by-step.

Does every step need to be perfect?

No… it just needs to be good enough to register 1 player.

Suddenly, the delays and excuses disappear.

No automation? No problem because we can do this step manually… since it’s only 1.

Follow up funnel not completed yet? That’s OK, since it’s only 1, we can call them with the info.

When you focus on 1, the conversation shifts away from “how to get it done” to “how to do it better”.

This is the key to success.

Get to market as quickly as possible and then improve everything.

If you need help with your setup, call, text or email us, we’ll do it for you!

The Future of Coaching Education with United Soccer Coaches

We interviewed Coach Ian Barker from United Soccer Coaches to talk about the latest in coaching education and certification.

According to him, the emphasis has now been on blended education, delivering asynchronous learning, synchronous and in person learning.

Hmm, that is interesting. Let’s watch this video and find out what more he has to say about the future of soccer in this era of covid.