All Lefty Day

Every soccer coach wants players with 2-footed ability.

But how do you develop this skill in your players?

It’s not easy and here’s why.

Imagine what would happen if you added a restriction into your scrimmage and told the players they could only use their left foot for the entire game.

Would they suddenly learn to play better with their left foot or would the scrimmage devolve into a giant slop-fest of bad passes and ball movement?

Would it even make sense to force them to use their left foot where their right foot was the correct foot to use?

In reality, it makes as little sense to play all left footed as it does to play all right footed.

The only difference is that youth soccer players are far better with their right foot than their left foot so the game play is much better.

What’s the secret to developing left footed players?

At some point, you’re going to need to force the issue with repetitive drills in a controlled environment.

Dribbling left footed, passing left footed, shooting left footed, repetitively in a controlled scenario to drive the skill into becoming a habit.

The random nature of playing in a scrimmage / game will never give a player the opportunity to perform the same skill repetitively to build the habit. It also prevents the coach from correcting and then monitoring the players to ensure they’re doing things correctly.

We all agree that a 2-footed player better than a 1-footed player and since we know that scrimmaging does is not teach 2-footed soccer, then we need to change the way we develop youth soccer players to build a better foundation of skill.

Control the ball and you control the game…

…control the money and you control the club!

Who’s really in control of your club?

~ Do you control the credit card transactions fees?

~ Do you control the credit card processing percentage?

~ Do you control the time it takes to set up registration products?

~ Do you control the ability to make pricing changes “on the fly”?

~ Do you control when your customer’s payments are deposited in your club’s checking account?

These are just as few of the items you do NOT control when using systems like SportsEngine or Demosphere to run your soccer club’s business operations.

I’ll bet you can think of a few more!

Wouldn’t it be better if you actually controlled all of those things?

To be able to control your credit card fees, create custom registration products, schedules, and more, with “point-and-click” simplicity.

And do it all without needing to call anyone …or the delays they add to the process.

Now you’re playing the modern game.

Nothing bleeding edge or risky.

Just modern software using standard technology used by tens of thousands of others already.

When you’re ready to take control, give a try.

Sign up today with a “FREE forever” account.

No credit cards needed, no contracts, no hidden fees.

Just like Gmail… join and use it instantly.

Try it today – I guarantee you’ll never go back to the “old school” way of hidden costs and frustrating delays.

Part 2 fixing bad Apps

In part 1, I explained why you should delete your bad app from the store…but then what do you do?

You’re going to need a replacement.

This is where bad things tend to repeat themselves for a couple reasons:

 1. Good app developers have too much business to handle.

 2. Bad app developers are available but only because they’re bad.

There’s far more to consider but let’s assume you’re working with a good app developer.

When you hire a developer, team of developers or a development company, the 1st thing you need to do is set a date for the 1st upload to the App Store.

This 1st upload needs to be really fast with extremely limited functionality.

For reference, if the 1st upload is going to take longer than 2-weeks… you’ve waited too long.

If you’re viewing everything from a desktop “simulator”, you’re going to be surprised, in a bad way, when you finally do your 1st upload to the Apple store.

Uploading the app to Apple is the #1 thing you need to focus on, especially when hiring an “app company”.

App companies are the worst because they’ll take on far more business than they can handle, everything will be delivered late, and every app is going to have problems.

It’s the nature of the beast.

Forcing an upload lowers the waterline, exposes the “rocks” (truth) and exposes what you really have versus what they claim they’ve done.

To make your app development better – upload early, upload often!

Or you can do it the way the app companies prefer – wait, trust, get angry and listen to apologizes and requests for more money.

If you need help with your mobile app – Call 847 380 7307 or DM me and I’ll be happy to help any of my connections.

It’s Easy Peasy

Do you really like waiting to set up a registration product for your soccer club?

Wouldn’t you rather control this yourself and do it in minutes instead of days?

Even worse than waiting is:

Waiting, then waiting for them to fix the error, and then paying for the hassle of waiting and fixing.

And that’s on top of the outrageous transaction / processing fees!

No modern system should work this way.

What if you could easily do this yourself, or have your admin do it, or pay someone at the software company to do it for you ~ but ~ only as a last resort.

The reality is that a system should be so easy that you never pay the company to do the simple things you can do yourself in less time than it takes to ask them to do it.

Let me repeat.

You can set up your registration products in less time than it takes you to call SportsEngine or Demosphere and pay them to do the basic task.

When you use software from a company with their roots in e-commerce, all this “do it yourself” technology is “built-in” by design.

Trust me on this single point – when you see how easy it is to do these things on your own, you’ll never pay a 3rd party company to do it for you.

Getting a team of 10-year old boys to run in the same direction is far more difficult than managing club registration software

Aren’t you tired of waiting?

If you’re tired of waiting for SportsEngine to do it…

…and tired of paying for “waiting”!

Here’s a way for you to be in control and never pay someone else to do simple tasks.

Create registration packages, change prices and payment schedules yourself in minutes.

Sell kits, clinics and camps with simple “point & click” ease and no added costs to set up.

 ~ Sale prices

 ~ Early bird specials

 ~ Quantity discounts

 ~ Automated emails & text messages

…even a survey system that automates your club based upon how members answer the questions.

Imagine how much easier your club will operate when you have 1 system that does everything you’re doing today with 3, 4, or 5 separate systems.

 ~ No more SportsEngine

 ~ No need for MailChimp

 ~ No need for SurveyMonkey

 ~ No need for TeamSnap

 ~ No need for Hudl, Coach Paint, etc

**Most importantly, no need to pay those insane credit card processing fees that SportsEngine and the others like them, all charge you today.

SocrPro does it all and does NOT rob you with hidden fees.

You wouldn’t cheat your customers with hidden fees, why allow your suppliers to do it to you?

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P.S. We give you so much for free that most people never need to upgrade, but if you do want more of the good stuff, you’ll know exactly what you need to invest with ZERO credit card processing fees and ZERO hidden fees.

Do you want to know a secret?

I’m going to tell you a secret they don’t want you to know.

You’re over paying and getting nothing in return… here’s why.

Let me ask…

…what do these clubs know about not paying crazy fees that you don’t?

It might sound crazy but all you need to do is stop doing things the wrong, outdated, way and simply do things like all modern e-commerce does them.

Sounds crazy right?

When you’ve been doing things the wrong way for 10+ years, it’s hard to recognize it when you see the correct way even when it’s right in front of you.

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