In the battle between time and money…you need to choose one or the other.

In the battle between time and money…you need to choose one or the other.

But what if you could have both?

More time and more money… sounds too good to be true!

I realize it’s hard to believe but every once in a while the opportunity comes along to save time and save money.

The real question is if you’re willing to look at something new instead of remaining with something you’ve grown comfortable using.

If you’re willing to pull back the covers and reveal the truth, you’ll quickly discover that while you’ve grown comfortable, they’ve grown wealthy… with your money.

There’s a better way.

It’s not “bleeding edge” either.

Millions of e-commerce stores are using the same basic technology, and have been for 15+ years.

What are you waiting for?

You have nothing to lose by looking but you’re guaranteed to lose if you continue over paying for old technology.

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Good coaches work hard … great coaches work hard and smart!

If time is our most valuable possession… how can we get more of it for soccer?

There’s an easy way to make this happen so you can spend more time on the things important to you.

In fact, time might not even be the most important reason why you would do what I’m about to reveal to you.

But first let’s look at a few simple truths:

We all have blind spots and need someone else to look at what we’re doing to help us.

~ Good coaches work hard… great coaches work hard and smart!

So how can you work smarter, save time, and get the opinions and advice of other great coaches?

The fastest, and easiest, way is to share your game video with other coaches (that you choose) and get them to tag and add Coach’s Tips directly into your videos.

Not only will this ease your workload, but it’ll give you expert advice that may reflect your existing opinion… or it may provide insight you’re simply not seeing yourself.

SocrPro software makes this process “1-click” simple and it works from anywhere in the world.

If you believe Germany has the best style of play, then work with German coaches or if you like the way Argentina controls the game, then make that choice – It’s always your call.

All of this, and more, is already part of the “standard” SocrPro club management and coaching platform.

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The only criteria for choosing a house project is to look at these 2 things:

There’s only 1 way to do a home project…This is the universal secret to happiness.

The secret is simple but it’s always effective and should be used to guide every home project decision you make.

The home project you choose should never be based upon:

~ Return on investment
~ Fastest
~ Cheapest
~ Easiest
~ Most needed

The only criteria for choosing a house project is to look at these 2 things:

  1. How many tools does it require?
  2. How many NEW tools will I need to buy to meet that requirement?

Obviously, the projects you choose will require the greatest number of tools you do not currently own.

This is how you transform your garage from an empty shell of basic “car storage” into an awe inspiring “man-cave”!

A place where you can take your friends on a “tour”, before getting down to the business of searing steaks on the grill, and truly feel good about the projects you’ve completed.

Will this work for soccer? Yes… of course it will!

More gear is directly related to better coaching… every coach knows this simple truth.

When you can automate everything from registration, communication, scheduling, session plans, player appraisals, and more…this tool set will make you a better coach that saves time, saves money and still wins more games.

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How to avoid losing cash!

Are people more important…

…or systems more important?

1 thing I learned from my 1st job that has stuck with me forever.

How to avoid losing cash!

When I was in high school and got my first job pumping gas at the corner gas station, almost everyone paid with cash.

We needed to make change by doing the math in our heads and carrying rolls of cash in our pockets.

When the “rush” came, you needed to be ready to hustle and not make mistakes with the cash because once that person rolled out, that cash transaction was completed forever – no 2nd chances.

The owner had a basic system to minimize mistakes and made us organize our “cash roll” by denomination from smallest to largest and with all the heads facing the same way.

This reduced the number of mixed bills so you never gave someone two $1 and a $10 instead of the $3 intended.

The power of this simple system kept our cash errors to a minimum.

Systems make good people better… not less important… better.

When you implement a coaching “system” like SocrPro into your club, you’re not replacing people, or minimizing their importance.

You’re making good people better!

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Stop the Leakage

Soccer is more than a sport… it’s a passion.

But cash keeps your passion going…

…here’s an easy way to have more!

Everyone talks about “fund raisers”.

But are endless fund raisers really the key?

Top line revenue is important but more important is your bottom line.

While the “other guys” are telling you to work more car washes and sell more over priced candy and popcorn, there’s something critical they’re ignoring:

~ How to save money!

You see, there’s a dirty secret the “old guard” doesn’t want you to know.

And since they’re all doing it the same way, it’s easy to be fooled.

The truth is, they’re overcharging you and hauling your money out the back door while telling you to load more through the front door.

Well… guess what.

If you stop the “leakage”, at the bottom, you won’t need to add as much at the top!

Or, you can add the same at the top but just keep a lot more at the bottom for scholarships, coaches, equipment and travel expenses.

What’s the catch?

It’s simple, you need to stop using obsolete software.

Software that still operates like it’s 2001… and charges you like you’re Jeff Bezos.

Instead, use the same technology used by millions of e-commerce platforms today!

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A Dirty Secret

Soccer clubs need to STOP falling for this scam!

There’s a dirty secret in the soccer industry.

It’s been going on for so long that soccer clubs now think it’s “normal”.

But let me tell you, It’s NOT “normal”… far from it!

It’s a scam that’s stealing from your club every single day!

Trust me, I was as shocked as you will be when I learned about this highly profitable scam the “big name” software guys are using to rip-off small soccer clubs like yours.

Having been the creator of multiple best selling e-commerce software platforms for the last 17-years, I can barely believe they’ve been able to get away with this for so long.

The thing is… they ALL do it.

It’s like a secret cabal taking advantage of the soccer clubs.

But there’s a solution that’s so simple you’ll think that it must be the scam.

A guaranteed way to stop losing big $$$ without doing any extra work!

And you can save this money without: 

 ~ Changing the way you operate

 ~ Reducing staff

 ~ or Cutting coaches

Oh yeah … it works 100% on auto-pilot using standard technology that millions of people use every second, of every day, to run their e-commerce business.

Now do I have your attention?

Because you can save enough money TODAY that you can use for more scholarships, additional coaches, new equipment or to finally pay yourself a small salary for everything you do for the kids and club.

Are you thinking there’s a “catch” to all this?

Well, there is about 9 minutes of forms to complete!

You’ll need to do this 1-time and then you’re done “working” on this forever.

But the savings for your club will continue automatically year-after-year, season-after-season.

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