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There’s “Free” but then there’s *free.

There’s “Free” but then there’s *free.

“Free” will cost you nothing…

…but *free will cost you a fortune!

“Free” is like the Sunday meal your mother makes while *free is like the bribe they offer you to sit through a timeshare presentation while on vacation in Cancun.

How does this matter to soccer clubs?

*Free uses back-end fees added to every transaction.

*Free robs your small club of $3,290 / annually.

*Free robs large club of over $53,763 / annually.

*Free adds zero value… only fees.

“Free” is not having any transaction fees.

“Free” requires zero extra work / effort.

“Free” is what you get with SocrPro while *free is what you get with the “other guys”.

“Free” is actually free while *free is far from free.

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Just pass it through to the customer

“Just pass it through to the customer”

“You won’t need to pay it”

I asked… “If the customer is willing to pay the extra fee, couldn’t I just keep it?”

The salesman couldn’t answer.

Could this be the dumbest reason to overpay?

Yet our competition does exactly what this guy was pitching to me for his system.

The “other guys” overcharge the customer (soccer clubs) and convince them that it doesn’t matter because the extras fees are added during the checkout process.

Am I alone in recognizing that the customer can see those “bonus fees” added to the transaction?

Do soccer clubs really not understand that even if the customer is willing to pay those fees, that the club could keep them if they were not foolishly handing them to their software provider?

Let me make this perfectly clear.

Any money spent by your customer should be yours.

If there is a “bonus fee”, that money is yours.

If a software provider keeps that “bonus fee”, they are keeping your money.

The money they keep is a direct cost to the club.

Every dollar lost in “bonus fees” is the equivalent of a dollar taken from your bank account.

There is no such thing as a “customer paid fee”. 

There is only revenue and expense. 

Call these 2 things anything you like but it never changes the truth.

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Best Soccer Registration Software

The “best soccer registration software” is also going to need to be the “best soccer billing software” because registration without billing is like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without the bread. It works but it’s really messy.

In the case of soccer registration software, if you do not take the “soccer billing” aspect into account, the software will “work” for completing the registration but it’s going to be EXPENSIVE software to use.

Let me explain how to lose money… stacks of money!

Most soccer registration software steals your money through a sneaky back door approach and the most insidious part is that they all use this process so it seems normal.

This “thievery” takes place when you use their “free registration software” that is anything but free!

There’s a reason this method of billing was rejected back in the early 2000’s and is no longer used by any e-commerce platforms or online merchants. Sure, there are still some e-commerce platforms like Etsy, built for tiny startups and craft businesses, but I’m talking about small businesses with $20,000 in annual sales and above – real businesses.

The Simple Money Grab

When you process payments through the “old school” soccer registration software, the registration / billing software will process the payment for you through their credit card merchant account but before they give you your money, they charge an outrageous “processing fee” which is anywhere from 2X to 5X more than you would pay if you simply used a modern soccer registration software system like SocrPro.com.

This is one of the foundational reasons why SocrPro has quickly become one of the fastest-growing soccer registration software platforms… it’s the only fully integrated soccer billing software that actually uses the modern billing practice that does not take your money for processing your payments.

It’s your money, you should keep it… but you need this as well

The best soccer registration software needs to be a full suite that does everything your club needs to operate as a business, automate the coaching, and organize everything with communication and scheduling tools.

Cost is incurred not only from excessive fees but also from excessive time lost due to separate systems that do not communicate and force you to learn and operate multiple pieces of software.

Life is a lot easier when you use an Apple computer with an iPhone and iPad versus trying to manage with an Android phone, a MacBook, and a Surface tablet. All good software but it all works differently, none of it communicates with other effectively and they all use a different logic and menu flow to get the job done.

Different is Bad!

The bottom line is that the best soccer registration software is going to save you money because it does not charge outrageous fees on every transaction (best soccer billing software) and it’s going to save you time and frustration when all your club and coaching activities share 1 platform and all operate the same way.

SocrPro.com is the only soccer registration / billing software that uses the modern billing technology that all modern e-commerce systems use and it’s the only full suite of applications that do everything your club and coaches need to be successful and profitable.

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Is Ram really better than a Ford F-150 or Chevrolet Silverado & GMC Yukon?

The short answer is “yes”!

The longer answer is a bit more complicated but still “yes” in my opinion… and it helps explain why SocrPro.com software saves time for you and your soccer club.

Neither Ford nor Chevy can match the smooth ride or interior quality of the Ram so for the people that care about these items like I do, the Ram is the best truck made… for me!

But more importantly, I’ve grown accustomed to the layout and operation of the truck. When I get in my friend’s Ram, I know where all the controls are and how they work so even though he has a different model Ram, it all looks, feels and operates the same way.

It’s easy for me to use!

Software is the same as choosing a truck, in many ways, because it’s always a personal preference, but imagine if you used a Ram for commuting to work, then a Ford while hauling loads in the bed of the truck and switched to a Chevrolet for towing. 

Things start to get a bit confusing.

Suddenly you’re “dialing to a different gear” in the Ram while attempting to change the radio station because you just hopped out of the Ford and spraying the windshield with the “column shifter” after driving the Chevrolet.

Even when things “work”, everything is easier when everything works the same way.

Because SocrPro.com is one system, all the modules work with the same logic and process flow so once you learn one, you understand them all, Think about Microsoft Office and how much easier it is to use Excel because it uses the same menu structure as Word.

You will save time with SocrPro because you’ll have one login where everything works the same, is easier to learn, easier to use, and everything is in one application. 

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Soccer Billing Scam? You Decide

Why would anyone use software with a payment scheme rejected by the overwhelming majority of e-commerce businesses in the early part of the last decade?

Why would you use this overpriced, failed billing scheme for your soccer club registration?

When you see the cost of this billing, you will be shocked at how much you’re wasting each and every year and receiving absolutely no benefit that comes anywhere close to the level of money wasted.

Imagine how many scholarships you could provide if you were saving anywhere close to the shocking numbers you’ll see in this demonstration.