Best Hudl Alternative

“What is the best Hudl alternative” is a question I’m asked a lot.

Ever since I created a number of Hudl review videos for Youtube, I’ve attracted a lot of people that consider me to be an authority on all things Hudl. This is not really 100% true but I do know a lot more than the average person just starting out on their endeavor to use coaching software or looking for a better alternative than Hudl.

Before I answer the question, and then expand on the topic of what the best Hudl alternative is for coaching, it’s really important that we put this question into context because as is often the case, context does matter.

1 quick example before I continue with the Hudl question.

I’m writing this blog post using Pages as my word processor. I personally thing Microsoft Word is a better word processing program but there’s a great reason why I use Pages instead of the software I believe is better.

Pages = Free

Microsoft Word = Paid

Even though I do have a paid Microsoft 365 account, I have my software license already installed on 2 other computers and since this is my dedicated writing computer, I do not want to be online. I also want the minimum number of items installed to avoid distractions while I’m writing.

So even though Microsoft Word is a better software program, in this case, Apple’s Pages program is the best Microsoft alternative. This is a clear case where context matters when choosing the best software for my needs.

Hudl is very similar, although not directly, with my example above about word processors. 

To answer the question of, “best Hudl alternative”, first we need to understand the context and then we need to clarify that Hudl is not the best coaching software, so finding an alternative to Hudl is not necessarily settling for an inferior coaching software platform. 

Choosing a Hudl alternative in the correct context is actually choosing the better coaching software.

Let me explain exactly what I mean.

When we’re talking about Hudl in the context of Football (American football), then choosing another coaching software option is really looking at compromising for a 2nd tier option. In this scenario, coaches are usually looking for a Hudl alternative that is cheaper because Hudl can become quite expensive. Especially when you have multiple teams to support.

(Check out my Hudl Pricing video review if you’re not familiar with how Hudl pricing is determined)

But when the context of the conversation changes to soccer, things become quite a bit different.

For soccer, coaches are often looking for the best Hudl alternative because they’re actually looking for a better option than Hudl. Hudl is really not built for soccer and therefore does a poor job as a soccer coaching platform.

Hudl also comes at a very steep price!

In this case, when asking “what is the best Hudl alternative”, it’s more like asking “what is the best Pages alternative” …except the pricing formulas are reversed. Pages is free but not as good as the paid version while Hudl is the paid version but not as good as the free version.

You might think I’m biased but the best Hudl alternative for soccer is clearly going to be SocrPro coaching software. Not because SocrPro is free, but because the software was built for soccer from day 1 with a true understanding of what soccer coaches need to develop better players, manage their teams, and run their clubs.

Hudl was built for football, then modified for soccer and this underlying foundation permeates throughout the entire system. Hudl was started on the wrong platform and will never be as good for soccer as the system built specifically, and only, for soccer.  

If you’re a soccer coach, soccer player of the parent of a soccer player, then sign up for a FREE soccer coaching account with SocrPro today. It’s not only the best Hudl alternative, it’s the best soccer coaching software available – period.

Hudl Sign Up

The Hudl sign up process is simple but you need to know what you’re actually “signing up” for? In other words, you need to know why are you signing up for Hudl because there are different processes for different sign up purposes.

Are you a coach that wants to sign up for Hudl because you have a soccer team and you need a sports software app to to increase the “soccer IQ” of your players to win more games? Or maybe you’re a player, or parent of a player, that needs to sign up for Hudl to join a team already in Hudl?

If you’re a parent, or player, trying to join an existing team, you’ll first need to receive an invitation from your coach (owner of the Hudl account) and then use that link with the special code to join the correct team.

You will receive an invite from your coach with a link that looks like this: 

Follow the link below to submit your details and join the team. You’ll be accepted as soon as we’ve checked them.
Registration page:

Team Code:  sf8azui

If you’re a coach that’s signing up for Hudl as the account owner of Hudl… this is where things get a little tricky and you’ll need to take a few things into account before you spend your hard earned dollars on a Hudl account.

The first thing you need to consider is your sport.

Hudl is a great sports app for youth football (American football) and if you’re a football team with the budget for Hudl, then signing up for Hudl is a “no brainer” – just do it.

But if you’re a soccer coach and contemplating signing up for Hudl as your sports coaching app, then I think you need to reconsider why you’re choosing a “football sports app” instead of a “soccer sports app” for a soccer team?

The truth about Hudl is… they think like football players!

  • The Hudl app is built for football players
  • The entire foundation of Hudl is from football (as you can guess from their name) and the “other” sports are kind of like an afterthought
  • The entire foundation of Hudl is from football (as you can guess from their name) and the “other” sports are kind of like an afterthought.

The approach Hudl has taken to build their soccer app reminds me of that funky “pick-up truck” from Honda called the “Ridgeline”.

*Uh oh… my wife hates my analogies but here we go anyhow.

Honda makes great cars, they have a wildly popular min-van called “Odyssey”, but at some point someone at Honda looked around and noticed that the folks in the USA buy a ton of pick up trucks each yearand a lot of half-tons too! (my wife hates my puns only slightly more than my analogies so now I’m in the bonus round).

The Ford F150 is the #1 best selling vehicle and often outsells the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry combined. 

To get into the pick-up truck game, Honda took their Odyssey mini-van, chopped the rear roof off, slapped a new name on the hood and called their newly modified Odyssey the Ridgeline “pickup” truck.

Honda sold a bunch, nothing like the Ford, Chevy, or Ram, but a few thousand units a month so they made some easy money by making a few “tweaks” to the design of an existing platform.

The trouble is, the Honda Ridgeline was not a real pickup truck. 

It couldn’t tow like a real pick-up truck, it couldn’t haul a payload in the back bed like a real pickup truck, it couldn’t handle rough terrain like a real pickup truck… because it was never really a pickup truck. 

The Hudl sports app has the same limitations when used for soccer. 

  • Hudl does not understand soccer
  • The video coaching foundation of Hudl is not well suited for soccer 
  • The Player’s Pages do not take into account the way soccer players are recruited to play college soccer
  • The game analysis system is extremely cumbersome to use for soccer… because Hudl was never really built for soccer.

So what’s a better option if you’re not going to sign up for Hudl?

Well, if you only care about soccer, the best option is likely going to be the sports app that was built from the ground up for soccer, only for soccer, and still dedicated 100% for the sport you love.

  • Football Coaches = Hudl 
  • Soccer Coaches = SocrPro

All you need to do is look at the names of the products to know which one was built for you.

Oh yes, there is one more critical point to make in your decision to sign up for Hudl.

  • Hudl = $400 / team
  • SocrPro = FREE

This amazing price advantage is why SocrPro even has youth football coaches using SocrPro even though it was not built for them, but if you’re a football coach, you’re still welcome to use SocrPro. Just don’t ask for any “football specific features” to be added because that is never going to happen.

Get your FREE sports coaching app today at

Hudl Pricing

Why is Hudl pricing like buying a used car?

Every survey, every poll, every person you know will tell you that buying a new car is universally considered a miserable experience that everyone hates… buying a used car is even worse.

At least with a new car purchase, there’s some basis to look at i.e. the invoice, and there are 3rd party services that guide you, but with used cars, it’s really a free-for-all. 

The harsh truth is that many car dealerships actually make the majority of their profits from their used car sales versus new car sales.

Why? They can charge you a lot more money because you cannot directly compare 1 used car to another down the road. Some might say “because they cheat you” (usually using more “colorful” terms).

Hudl pricing works in a similar way as a used car dealership.

If you’re a small club, a solo coach, or just a parent that wants to help their favorite athlete (their child) create highlight videos to get noticed by college coaches, Hudl pricing is pretty straight forward. 

Write a check for $400 / year and you get a single account that you can use for your limited number of players.

But what happens when you’re a medium or large sized club? Or a multi-sport high school that needs a sports coaching application for more teams?

Then you get to meet Hudl’s equivalent to “Jake & Larry” from the used car lot. I don’t think they wear the same plaid suit and patent leather shoes but get ready for the used car experience when it comes to figuring out the price you’re going to pay.

Suddenly they “need to talk to their manager” and get “approval” for the “special price only for you” …because now you’re “friends” with “Jake & Larry” and they’re fighting for you to get the absolute best price possible.

No matter how these “negotiations” turn out, you’re always left feeling a little dirty. The same way you know the guy sitting next to you on the plane didn’t pay what you paid but you don’t know if he paid more, or he paid less; you just know that at least one of you was taken advantage of by the “Jake & Larry” pricing scheme used by the airlines.

In contrast to the Hudl pricing “negotiations”, with SocrPro, everyone is treated equally and with respect. 

SocrPro pricing is straight forward, listed publicly on the website and fair for every user, no matter how big or small.

It’s more like buying a Coach purse where there are no sales, no special “behind the scenes” or “back door” deals. Just straight forward and honest pricing that is easily understood and fair for everyone. 

At SocrPro, you’re treated with the respect you deserve without all the hassle.

If you haven’t tried SocrPro yet, go sign up for FREE coaching software account today. You don’t even need a credit card because you never need to pay (unless you choose to).

Watch the “Hudl Pricing” video below to learn more about the true cost of Hudl… because there’s more to the Hudl pricing than the price posted!