3 things your soccer billing / registration software must have…

…or you’re playing man down with an empty goal.

There’s an old saying about poker players that goes like this, “if you’re sitting at the table and still trying to figure who’s the mark, it’s you:”

Today I’m going to reveal the 3 most important things your soccer club software needs to do for you to ensure you’re in control, that you’re dealing the cards and not the “mark”.

1. Independent Merchant Account – If your billing / registration software is also your merchant account, you’re paying too much, and you lack control.

You would never give a 3rd party supplier direct access to your club’s checking account so why would you allow them to control your money before it’s deposited into your checking account?

Modern software allows you to simply “connect” your merchant account into the billing / registration software and this keeps you in control.

2. Automated Recurring Billing – Many systems have recurring billing tools already but most only provide 1 method of recurring billing.

The reality of your soccer club business is that nothing ever happens “1 way” so you need multiple ways to set up recurring billing.

Registration payments are often performed with a fixed date and amount while camps, clinics and kits are sold differently.

 ~ What about selling camps over text?

 ~ Or through social media?

 ~ Or having the ability to manually re-bill a customer for any random item?

All these things, and more, are a daily part of your reality so if you want to bring in more revenue for the club, you need these tools and flexibility.

3. All-In-One System Integration – Nobody has time to manage multiple systems – Fact!

It’s not cost effective; it requires an extra learning curve for every independent system and it’s a huge hassle for everyone to have your data scattered across multiple platforms.

SocrPro is the only system that offers everything from club management, coaching, scheduling, recruiting systems, and more.

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How do you know when you’re using the wrong soccer club management software?

Here are 3 simple clues that make it easy.

  1. Backend Fees – You should never pay a backend transaction fee and even worse when it’s a backend payment that’s percentage of your sale.

If your software provider is dipping their greedy paws into your back pocket every time someone pays you… then you have a HUGE problem and are getting ripped off in a way that would make a Chicago politician blush.

No matter what else this software mighty be doing for you, the costs are simply too high to justify the benefits – 100% guaranteed!

2. Multiple Programs – Learning, maintaining, and paying for multiple programs to run 1 club has costs that go beyond the monthly fees.

If you’re using multiple programs today, then you already know how many extra hours you’re wasting for even the simplest of tasks.

Software that does not provide an integrated “systems” approach is always going to operate better than when you cobble multiple programs together.

3. Not Industry Specific – Sure… it might “work”, but does it work as well as it could if it were built for you and your industry?

An SUV will haul a few sheets of plywood home from Home Depot, but a pickup truck works better and a mini-van works better than both when you need to haul half the soccer team to an out-of-town tournament.

Your software will work better when it’s built for you and the specific needs of your industry.

If you spot any of these problems with your software, there’s no need to worry because there’s already an “out of the box” solution ready to go.

SocrPro was built for soccer, just for soccer, and is the runaway best “all-in-one” solution for soccer.

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7 Deadly Sins of College Soccer Recruiting – ID Camps

#2 – Did the coach “invite” you

…or is he “selling” you?

There’s a common misconception that getting “invited” to a college soccer ID camp means the coach is “recruiting” you for the team… but does it?

How do you know if you’re actually being “recruited” or simply funding the team for the players he really wants on his team?

Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed method to know with 100% certainty but in many ways, it should not affect your decision.

Before we continue, let me be clear about my feelings on ID camps and overnight development camps.

I like them both… but not specifically for recruiting.

I like sending my kids to soccer camps at high-end colleges because:

1. Kids love them and will remember them forever

2. It builds the desire for kids to be high achievers and qualify for these schools academically

When you look at the soccer camps as a “vacation” instead of an “investment”, suddenly the dynamic changes and the decisions are clear.

But back to recruiting.

When you’re “invited” to an ID camp, here’s what you need to consider:

1. Do you want to play for this college / coach?

2. Are you going just for the experience and to test yourself against your peers?

If you answered “yes” to either question, and you can easily afford the camp financially, then go and you will likely love the experience.

It’s critical to remember that you’re not “investing” into a potential scholarship at this college. While it might happen, and does happen, the odds are against you.

If you’re trying to get recruited to play college soccer, these are the 2 things you need to do to start the process:

1. Create a Player’s Page with your highlight / touch / game videos and bio / stats.

2. Reach out proactively, and directly, to the college coaches where you want to play and guide them to your Player’s Page.

If you find a receptive audience with a coach, then attend his ID camp as the next step in the process.

Remember, no matter how much a coach loves you, you still need to qualify academically and get accepted to the university.

1. Focus your efforts on colleges you want to attend.

2. Keep your grades up.

3. Understand that “invited” is not the same as “recruited”.

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7 Deadly Sins of College Recruiting

1 – Nobody is searching for you…

….but they all want to find you!

Before I explain this common sin, allow me to first clarify the difference between a “recruiting service” and a “recruiting platform”.

Recruiting Service – This is where you pay an experienced, well connected, person to help promote you as a player to colleges.

Recruiting Platform – This is where you host your information about yourself i.e. videos, bio, desired college types, etc.

A “recruiting service” is an “active” recruiting method because the service is reaching out to the coaches where they think you have the best chance of being a “fit” for the college program.

The “recruiting service” will still use a “recruiting platform” of some type but they will actively promote you, so the coaches go directly to your page and review your videos / bio.

The major sin people commit is to believe the myth that posting their info on a paid platform will attract coaches searching through thousands of profiles in the hopes of finding the proverbial “needle in the haystack”.

That will happen at the same rate you win the Power Ball lottery.

Here are the simple facts:

~ You need a recruiting platform.

~ You need to actively promote your profile to the college coaches, or they will never find you!

Whether you do it, or you hire a recruiting service to do it, there is always a need for active promotion of your profile.

SocrPro provides FREE Forever “Player Pages” where you can host all your highlight videos, bio info, stats, desired college types and more.

There is no need to pay for this type of service no matter how many coaches the platform claims to have in their database.

You MUST proactively pursue the coaches at the colleges where you want to play soccer!

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Is your soccer clubs ready for fall?

2 youth soccer predictions for 2021 / 2022.

~ 1 will create problems

~ 1 creates opportunity

Nobody wants to see this again but it’s already coming…

… it’s called the “Delta variant” and it’ll be here with the fall season.

The financial hit’s taken last year due to Covid will not be as severe but you’re still going to feel the pinch of cancelled tournaments and restricted travel.

But as the forest burns away the old growth, it makes way for the new growth to prosper.

Here is where your “opportunity” arrives.

When finances are strong, it’s easy to be weak and lazy about expenses.

When the revenue “water line” recedes, the expense and waste “rocks” are easier to spot.

For too long, youth soccer clubs have been paying extraordinary fees to use the “old growth” club management / scheduling suppliers and wasting $3,976 to over $53,790 annually.

Yes… wasting that much annually!

The easy solution is to use a modern platform that does not charge these outrageous back-end fees.

Save this money for the club’s survival or to provide more scholarships, salaries or equipment.

Easy is the key!

Saving this money is the easiest thing you can do, and we’ll show you how.

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In the battle between time and money…you need to choose one or the other.

In the battle between time and money…you need to choose one or the other.

But what if you could have both?

More time and more money… sounds too good to be true!

I realize it’s hard to believe but every once in a while the opportunity comes along to save time and save money.

The real question is if you’re willing to look at something new instead of remaining with something you’ve grown comfortable using.

If you’re willing to pull back the covers and reveal the truth, you’ll quickly discover that while you’ve grown comfortable, they’ve grown wealthy… with your money.

There’s a better way.

It’s not “bleeding edge” either.

Millions of e-commerce stores are using the same basic technology, and have been for 15+ years.

What are you waiting for?

You have nothing to lose by looking but you’re guaranteed to lose if you continue over paying for old technology.

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