Sharing Source Videos for Soccer Coaching Videos – Soccer parents are happy to help take the video while you coach the games and here’s an easy way for you to have the source / game video shared to your account for the creation of coaching videos

Sign Up, Overview and 1st Video Upload – Here’s the easiest way to get started if you’re a soccer coach looking to get your 1st video into the system to create a coaching / education video.

Keeping SocrPro Free Forever – Free soccer coaching software is easy to keep free forever when you understand the simple way it works. This video explains the basic premise behind this free coaching software and how you can use it for free today and forever.

How to Send Request for Original Media is built around a powerful sharing model, so that you can share a giant video with everyone you want to with a click of a button and you can have contractors working on your coaching videos or have multiple coaches working on the same video. All these things are built-in to the system to make it extremely easy to share.

In this video, I demonstrate how to ask for a shared video to retain as Original Media in a users account.

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1 Focus, 1 Mission, 1 Sport – Soccer

There’s a simple reason why SocrPro feels like it was built just for you… like it almost knows what you’re thinking and works exactly the way you would design it if you were starting from a blank sheet.

Now I’m sure you’ve tried the “other” software out there. In fact, it’s not uncommon for the “other” guys to lump all the school teams together and give you a great big package deal.

Great for them, but now you get the hand-me-downs from the sport they really care about. The sport that shares a name but almost nothing else.

And yes, their software does work… kind of.

Kind of like getting tackling dummies and blocking sleds for conditioning training. Sure, the kids will get tired but your athletes are built on precision, speed, and endurance instead of 3 seconds of brute force effort.

It’s the same with software.

When there’s only 1 focus, 1 mission, and 1 sport that we care about, the software is naturally going to work better! It’s going to be easier, more intuitive, less cluttered with useless features, and it’s going to do the things you need to succeed at the highest levels of your sport.

So get your FREE account today and discover the advantages of soccer focused software.

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Gary Jezorski

PS It’s not just another “sports software” package… it’s software built specifically for you, just you, and the only sport you’re truly passionate about. Leave the leftovers and hand-me-downs for someone who doesn’t care about soccer like you do.

Creating Highlight Video Made Easy

Sharing player highlights isn’t all fun and games when it’s your son or daughter and you’re sharing these highlights with college coaches that are in a position to convert all those hours of practice and passion into a valuable college degree, or, maybe you’re just looking for a way to consolidate hundreds of hours of game film into a few minutes of action packed fun for yourself and share with the rest of the family, even the ones living all the way across the country. No matter why you want to create player highlights or team highlights or even take on the role of personal coach by using the advanced video analytics, SocrPro is the easiest point-and-click system ever created and because it’s free, it can’t be beat.

But let’s face facts. It still takes time to go through all that game film to carve out those great highlights. Thankfully, we have the perfect solution for you with our virtual army of dedicated soccer experts, they are just waiting to create these custom videos for you. And because these experts are soccer players or coaches from around the world that are simply making some extra side money while doing what they love to do anyhow, it’s extremely affordable for any budget.

All you need to do is choose the expert that you like, share your game video link with them and then sit back while they do all the time consuming live work for you and deposit you’re finished highlight video right back into your SocrPro account. It’s truly that easy. If you don’t have a SocrPro account today, then join today for free and start creating your lifetime of memories.

Remember that Socrpro has an amazing Mobile App that’ll keep all your updates at your fingertips.

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