How to Create a Soccer Highlight Video

Creating a soccer highlight video is really easy in the SocrPro video editor because this is one of the things the editor was specifically built to do.

Like anything in life, there are always going to be ways to get a job done… duct tape comes to mind, multi-purpose tools, hammers work on almost everything… but life is almost universally easier when you choose the correct tool for the job.

Can you use iMovie? Of course you can. Adobe Premier? Yep. Camtasia? Yes again.

The trouble with all those video editors is that none of them were built specifically to make it easy to create soccer highlight videos …and SocrPro was!

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Creating Soccer Coaching Videos | How To

Ever wonder how to get started with your free soccer coaching software to make awesome (but simple) soccer coaching videos that help your players increase their soccer IQ to play smarter and win more games?

If that sounds like you, then this soccer coaching video is going to be exactly what you need to take your soccer coaching, or your soccer game to the next level… and then to the level above that!

Performing soccer coaching video analysis is actually easier than “live soccer coaching” because you always have these benefits while watching soccer game video in the comfort of your home / office:

  1. Game Adrenaline – We all love the games, and the adrenaline rush that comes with it, but this makes it harder to be analytical instead of emotional. Studying soccer matches from video is far easier to be analytical versus emotional.

  2. Full Field Vision – Until we grow an extra set of eyes, we’ll never be able to see the full field while at the live soccer match. Often, what is happening out of view is the thing that matters most.

  3. Slow Motion – Slow it down to a single frame at a time if needed. Stop, start.. back, forth… was he offside or not? The call cannot be changed but at least you’ll know the truth.

  4. Instant ReplayStep it Back – Very often the goal that was scored, or the pivotal play from the game, had something critical happen 3-steps, or 4-steps, back that actually created that opportunity for you, or for the opponent. The actual shot is not the key, what happened 4-steps back is what needs to be analyzed and corrected or nurtured.

  5. Bias Correction – We all carry our biases with us everywhere we go; the player that always hustles we just “assume” they hustled in the game and the “lazy” player we just “assume” they played slowly.

    But is the “lazy” player simply playing smarter and keeping things under control by stopping bad things from happening before they happen? Is the “high energy” player making miraculous come-from-behind slide tackles because he was out of position to begin with?

If you really want to help your players, and help yourself in the process, there really is nothing better than studying your match videos and breaking them down in a system like SocrPro.

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Hudl Assist – Pros and Cons

Hudl Assist is a simple concept that helps soccer coaches with the breakdown and analysis of their soccer matches but is it worth the money charged for this service and should you use Hudl Assist for your soccer team?

To answer this question, it’s important to understand exactly what Hudl Assist actually does for you and why this service is really only half of a match analysis.

Here is what does Hudl Assist tracks for your team:

  • Attacking: Goals, Assist, Shots on/ off Target, Crosses

  • Defending: Blocked Shots, Saved Shots

  • Possessions: Time of Possession, Count of Possession, Count of Transitions, Possession Percentage

  • Set Pieces: Corner Kicks, Free Kicks, Penalty Kicks, Throw-Ins

  • Infringements: Offside, Fouls

  • Player Stats for your team: Who Shot, Who Scored, Who Assisted

On the surface, this might seem like great information to know.

Statistics do matter and the team that continuously suffers on the wrong side of the statistics equation is also likely going to be the team that suffers on the wrong side of the win / loss column as well.

Here is where the Hudl Assist program falls apart.

Because Hudl for soccer is really just a variation of Hudl for football, and since football is a “set play” sport versus a “free flowing” sport, the entire system mentality is wrong from the foundation up.

Let me explain.

Statistical analysis provides the “what”… Coaching Tips are the “why”.

When you look at the statistics in isolation from the game itself, the statistics mean very little, especially to youth soccer players. Telling an 11-year old that they need to improve their time of possession is useless until you give them the “why”.

  • “Why” is their time of possession poor?
  • How can they change their game to improve this time of possession?
  • Are they playing too narrow?
  • Are they making bad passing decisions?
  • Should they dribble more and pass less or pass quicker and hold the ball less?

There are so many reasons that a team may have poor time of possession that this number in isolation is never going to improve a team’s match performance.

The root of the Hudl Assist Problem

The “playlist” centric methodology that Hudl uses also hinders the usefulness of the video review. If you have a “throw-in” statistic but cannot easily go back and review the actual throw-ins that created the statistic… what good is it?

In SocrPro, the tags that created the throw in statistic also allow for easy review of every throw-in from the match because you can simply press the “Jump” button and skip to every throw-in that occurred during the game.

Every tag in SocrPro creates the ability to “Jump” to that location making the statistics far more useful for video review.

Hudl Assist is a valuable tool because knowing if your team is improving or declining over time is important.

The major problem with Hudl Assist stems from their fundamental lack of understanding of soccer. Hudl’s hard core focus on football, and the fact that Hudl Assist only provides the “what” without association to the source video render the entire soccer development process useless.

Statistics disassociated from the actual game video does nothing to help explain the “why” that your players need to actually improve their statistics over time.

The SocrPro “Virtual Coach” gives you everything that Hudl Assist does but since we understand how true soccer player development works, we made our system perfect for soccer. SocrPro takes the basic “what” and turns it into the “why” that actually improves the “what” with smarter, better players that win more soccer matches.

TeamSnap Cost – 7 Reasons It’s Too High for Soccer

TeamSnap has a fairly simple cost model and all you need to do is pay a set fee per team. This cost will change based upon the amount of storage you use per team and it can also change if you have a large soccer club.

Volume is always an opportunity to negotiate a better deal.

But the cost of TeamSnap doesn’t reside solely with the “cost per team” because there are other cost considerations you need to keep in mind when using TeamSnap scheduling for your team.

  1. Better TeamSnap Alternatives. TeamSnap is a good general-purpose team scheduling app but was it built for your specific needs?You can write a story or take notes using Excel but I think everyone agrees that using Word is a better alternative.
  2. Free is Better! Why pay anything for your team scheduling software if you can get an alternative scheduling system for TeamSnap for free? Free is not always cheaper in the long run, it can be if it works for your needs, but it’s always a great way to take something for a “test drive”.
  3. Is TeamSnap Built for Soccer? Sure, TeamSnap will “work” for soccer but was it “built” specifically for soccer?

    Does it focus on the specific needs and unique aspects of soccer versus other sports and generic activities?

    Does it understand the difficulties a travel team faces when that soccer team travels to another state for a match or tournament?
  4. Multiple Databases per Club. The administrative costs alone will need to be factored into using TeamSnap because maintaining multiple databases for your coaching software, scheduling software, billing software and marketing systems is immense and cannot be ignored.

    Reducing the number of databases your club needs to maintain for coaches, players and parents, reduces the true cost of your schedule system app software.
  5. Software Learning Curves – No matter how easy an app is to use, there is always a learning curve and always a level of support that needs to be provided for your coaches, players and staff.

    Even common software programs like web browsers are all similar, but also different in subtle ways which is why most people choose 1 web browser and stick with it exclusively even when the operational differences are very small.

    Learning and using 1 software system is always going to be easier, and cheaper, than learning, and using, 2 or more software apps in your business or soccer club.

    **This is just a simple fact we can all agree upon**

  6. 100% Focused Systems Work Better… for You! Microsoft Office is a far more powerful system because all the programs work together. Sure, you might only use Excel for crunching numbers, creating reports and tracking trends with graphs but what happens when you need to present your results at the annual meeting?

    Because it’s a “system”, all you need to do is copy the graphs from Excel into Keynote and you’re done. Need a written monthly summary report? Just copy the same info into Word and then add your verbiage.

    Integrated “systems” are always more powerful simply because things work together – just ask any Apple user why they pay a premium for everything they buy 😉

  7. SocrPro was purpose built for 1 sport and is exceptionally good for 1 sport – Soccer. TeamSnap was built with no focus on any specific sport and tries to cover everything for everybody.

    This approach leads to compromises, confusion of operation, and a lack of specific features for the sport you care about while they add features for other sports you could not care less about.

The true TeamSnap cost cannot be limited to the purchase price, or cost per team, because all these factors need to be addressed when determining the true cost of using TeamSnap for your soccer club.

When you’re looking for a scheduling system that was built for you and your sport, then take a look at the SocrPro scheduling system and discover how it feels when your needs are the focus, the only focus, and the only thing we care about.

There simply is no better scheduling app for soccer than so grab your “FREE Forever” account today!

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Why I Created SocrPro & Why It Matters!

People in social media accuse me of “only promoting the Socrpro soccer coaching software” because we created and own the soccer software… but they all have it backwards.

When we created SocrPro, it wasn’t because I was looking for another product to sell. The reason I started SocrPro is because there wasn’t a product in existence that did what I wanted, what the soccer community needed, so to get that product I wanted, I needed to create it from the ground up.

But a funny things happens when you start playing with fire, when you get involved in something you’re truly passionate about doing!

We… kept… going!

What started as nothing more than the intention of being able to share massive videos and mark them up with an easy to use, purpose built editor, evolved into a full blown coaching suite of modules that do everything for coaches, clubs, parents and most importantly – soccer players!

Today, SocrPro is still the only system built exclusively for the unique needs of the soccer community and the difference in systems shines through like a blow torch in a moonless night.

While other systems try to be everything to everyone, SocrPro has stayed true to it’s name (unlike someone else that names their product after their passion …cough… cough… Hudl… cough) and this keeps our software sleek and efficient for the people it was built to serve.

If you’re looking for the best “football” coaching software, I would keep moving… but when you only care about the the “other” football, then there’s really only 1 option for your soccer coaching, soccer mom, soccer player needs; SocrPro!

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Become a Better Soccer Coach – 1 Simple Process

One of the best things you can do to become a better coach and to help your players at the same time is to video each game and then analyze the game video  afterwards in the peace and solitude of your home / office.

SocrPro is a great FREE source for this game analysis.

The truth of what really happened during the game will present itself to you and then you will truly understand what happened in the game versus what you “thought” happened in the game.

Your “game eyes” will lie to you on a regular basis so you will make poor decisions about your team and players based upon faulty information i.e. garbage in, garbage out. You will incrementally become a better coach by watching your games and breaking them down for the players.

Your players will become better as they become smarter from the knowledge transfer you provide. When players have the opportunity to see with their own eyes what they are actually doing in a game, they will do more of the good stuff and less of the bad stuff.

But …(BIG BUT), you need to tell them, you need to show them, you need to make it simple for them to understand or they will not get any benefit from watching their game film.

You need to coach them through the video the same way you coach them through practice and games.

When you incorporate video analysis into your coaching, you will become a better coach, your players will become smarter, better, players, you’ll win more games and everyone will be happier – guaranteed!