Is Ram really better than a Ford F-150 or Chevrolet Silverado & GMC Yukon?

The short answer is “yes”!

The longer answer is a bit more complicated but still “yes” in my opinion… and it helps explain why software saves time for you and your soccer club.

Neither Ford nor Chevy can match the smooth ride or interior quality of the Ram so for the people that care about these items like I do, the Ram is the best truck made… for me!

But more importantly, I’ve grown accustomed to the layout and operation of the truck. When I get in my friend’s Ram, I know where all the controls are and how they work so even though he has a different model Ram, it all looks, feels and operates the same way.

It’s easy for me to use!

Software is the same as choosing a truck, in many ways, because it’s always a personal preference, but imagine if you used a Ram for commuting to work, then a Ford while hauling loads in the bed of the truck and switched to a Chevrolet for towing. 

Things start to get a bit confusing.

Suddenly you’re “dialing to a different gear” in the Ram while attempting to change the radio station because you just hopped out of the Ford and spraying the windshield with the “column shifter” after driving the Chevrolet.

Even when things “work”, everything is easier when everything works the same way.

Because is one system, all the modules work with the same logic and process flow so once you learn one, you understand them all, Think about Microsoft Office and how much easier it is to use Excel because it uses the same menu structure as Word.

You will save time with SocrPro because you’ll have one login where everything works the same, is easier to learn, easier to use, and everything is in one application. 

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Should Youth Soccer Players Dribble More …or Less?

Should Youth Soccer Players Dribble More …or Less?

Dribble more and the kids have a better touch on the ball and more accurate passes when they do release the ball.

Dribble less and the speed of play increases with more movement on the pitch.

It’s an age old debate amongst soccer coaches, players and even parents. One group shouting “pass it” while the other is yelling “control the ball”.

Certainly this is all conditional and in some cases you want your team to pass as quickly as possible and in other cases you want them to slow things down, to control the ball and dribble more and pass less.

I’ll tell you what I’ve learned from hundreds of hours of video analysis and 1st hand experience in our SocrLabs technical development center.

“Youth soccer players pass too much”

In the majority of cases, youth soccer players are passing too often and too early and soccer coaches should encourage their players to dribble more and pass less.

Let me explain why I take this position and then see if you agree or disagree.

A. 1-Touch Passes are Inaccurate – Passing quality and accuracy spikes up dramatically when players take a touch, a dribble or 2, and then pass the ball versus 1-touch passes. Settling the ball with a touch removes 3 of the 4 variables every player needs to account for when making a pass.

B. Listen to Pep G – Ball movement needs to move the defense. Dribbling and passing are both necessary to force the defense to move and when players pass too early, the defense is allowed to sit back and look for the pass interception. I want players to draw the defensive pressure to them and then pass past this pressure. I want defenders to commit and then need to recommit and I want to maximize the distance they need to move in a game to wear them down as much as possible.

C. Players Will Self Regulate – I’ve never met a player that likes losing the ball while dribbling. When players dribble too much, they will lose the ball to the defense and they will get tired of having the ball stolen and will start to pass more often.

D. Video Fixes the “Non-Regulators” – Some players learn when to pass “slower” than others (I call these “ball dancers”) but you can easily show them in video game review that they are holding the ball too long. It’s a lot easier to show a player when they lost the ball while dribbling than it is to show them that they lost the ball because they passed too early.

E. Mindless “Hot Potato” – Passing for the sake of passing with no real purpose or intent. The last time I read the soccer rule book, there are no bonus points for having the most passes in a game yet there seems to be a pervasive mentality that a team that makes the most “quick passes” is the best team. I’m not a fan of this idea.

Those are the main reasons I think youth soccer players should dribble more and pass less… do you share my opinion and have other ideas?

** is the world’s only “purpose built” soccer specific system for all your soccer coaching, player management/recruiting and club business needs

21 things only SocrPro can do Item # 3 – Video Jump Function

Did you know that SocrPro is the only system that allowsyou to hit a jump button and go all the way through the video to see all your coaches tipped your shots?

You crosses anything that you want to see in the video, you just hit that jump button using our filters and jump right to it. We’re the only one that has this system. The other systems, that are made for American football,like huddle, make you create playlists.

Well those playlists are very time consuming to create and then you got to organize them and jumbled through them and all this other rigmarole. It is so much easier with SocrPro. We can take one video, put the tags in it and the coaches tips init.

If you want to put highlights in there you can do that as well, but then when you go to play it back, all you have to do is check the box, hit the jump button and bam it’s done.

It is so much more convenient and really speak through the way that soccer is played. Football is a set play type of sport so we don’t want to use aset play type of play list, it works great for football but it doesn’t work for soccer.

So this is just one more way we save you time, we save you money, and help you win more games.

You have a great day on the pitch

How to Link Soccer Practice Session Into Your Scheduler

Did you know that no session planner andno scheduling system are actually linked together?

Weird! Wouldn’t it be awesomeif you could just take your session plan,create it and then attach it right toyour schedule?

So that when you show upat practice you not only have yourpractice already pre-laid out andscheduled but your session plan isalready there too so everyone thatlooked at the schedule can also look atyour session plan. Now that’s another waywe save you time, save work for you and savemoney; because you’re only using onesystem and it makes your life better allright

This is Gary with SocrPro

Hoping you have a great day on the pitch and remember if you don’t have your free forever account today go get one now free today, free forever. You willlove it and it’ll make your life a lot easier I guarantee it, I know

The Only Complete Soccer Billing Software

SorPro: The Only Complete Soccer Billing Software

Hey everyone it’s Gary with CloudNet360, SocrPro and Socrlabs.

The other day I put out an announcement for SocrPro and I talked about our new Business Center and inside the Business Center we’re going to havesoccer specific billing system.

We’re going to have an automated Recurring Billing, industry exclusive Bucket Billing that we optimized and built just for soccer clubs. We’re also going to have our CRM email system with Auto Responders,Sales Funnels,Marketing System, Survey System and on top of that a complete Website Builder.

How are you gonna do all that? For a standard company that would be a big task. In fact that was a big task for us when we built it starting in 2006.Our CloudNet360 system already has an Order System, Billing System, Recurring Order System, Subscription System, Standard Product System; everything you can imagine that a high end e-marketer needs.That’s what this system is intended for. It’s for high end e-marketing, ecommerce people.

We have product developments, digital products, physical products,subscription products, membership products,affiliate system, affiliate system, storefront, giftcertificates, coupons,  reports, advanced upsell system that can do preupsell, post upsell, one-click upsell, upsells off down sales, down sells offupsells, it can do all sorts of things, again very sophisticated very high-end type of clientele.

We are using these systems and have been since 2006. if we move over to the other side you see we have the autoresponders,  CRM, Customer Portal, which again has a whole subsystem built into it, the Scheduling System, the Membership System,Project Manager, Suggest a Feature,Bug Spotter, Ticket System, Live Chat, Surveys, Click-To-Call, all these stuff’s already in our system. It’s already in our CloudNet360 system.

SocrPro came after CloudNet360. Using our development team to create SocrPro, now we never really realized that people would want these tools inside their coaching platform as much as they do.

We always figured, well, we’ll be a coaching platform, we’ll put out the Video System, Player Appraisal System, and all those other things that are inside of SocrPro.

We never put in the Business Center until we just decided to this year. And we could just put it in by copying and pasting it over and it would have all this stuff but reality is it’s too sophisticated. I mean not that people couldn’t use it, it’s just that you don’t take a system with a thousand features and throw it at someone that only needs 15 or 20 right?

What we wanted to do was, make our system for SocrPro big-button simple.In other words just log in and start using it, no high sophistication, no long learning curve, no memorization; all these things that come when you’re at really high-end e-marketer that you’re willing to put up with because that’s a different business model.

We didn’t want to do that for a soccer club because that’s not your business model. Your business model is soccer and you just need a tool that helps you easily facilitate getting the payments made, getting your subscriptions paid, making it so that you can have credit card payments combined with cash payments and maybe check payments and have it all in one subscription.

It’s just a one-time pain may be it’s a variable cycle may be it’s a recurring billing, we make it so you can put in prepaid discounts.You can have scholarships, you can do all these different things in our what we call, Club Dues/ Bucket Billing System; so all that stuff is in there. What we’ve done is simply taken out of this system,simplified it, optimized it, modified it a little and put it into SocrPro.

That’s where our Business Center is coming from. So when you see this you might think,“Man how are these guys able to do this and can I trust them?Because they’re new at this I don’t know if I want to trust my whole Club billing system to a new company that just started thinking about doingbilling.” and frankly I wouldn’t either.

When you look at billing, when you look at products, when you look at all the details that go into creating a product, you know subscription, creating the billing with doing the linking, making your API’s coordinating with your merchant accounts PayPal, Stripe; all these things, coupons discounts prepay, it’s a lot. I mean, it is a ton of work to do it, if we were starting from scratch.

I guarantee, there would be problems, just like we facedproblems back in 2006. We wentthrough all these teething pains. Welearned the hard way and you usuallylearn by, you know, having something gobad and then having to fix it and makingsure that never happens again.

We have an extremely robust Billing System and extremely robust recurring Billing Product System. All these things,because we’ve been doing it since 2006.It’s 14 years of experience. We’re notjust coming out of the gate going, wowlet’s throw orders in there; and howhard is it to make products? Well it’sactually hard, you know, it’s actuallyhard. You have to have sales tax, product specific sales tax, cartwide sales tax, service effective salestax, all these different things havedifferent requirements.

If you’re doing club dues you probably don’t charge sales tax. If you’re selling at-shirt, now, you have to charge sales tax.But if you’re doing some sort of food product, may be you have a tournament, maybe you have all these different events where you have food, you’ve got products, you’ve got these different things, they all have different sales tax rates.So there’s a lot to consider. And then after you sell it, how do you put in the notifications? And on and on… all these things take a lot of thought, a lot of experience and a lot of attention to detail.

What you’re going to find is that we have one of the best billing systems in the industry with CloudNet360.We’ve made it big button simple. We created this new Club Dues / Bucket Billing that is very unique in the industry no one else hasit. And again, it allows you to takecredit cards, have prepaid discounts, scholarships to take credit cards,combine it with the ability for someoneto come and say “hey you know what, I justwant to pay, I’ve got 40 dollars” ,

You know, may be on a big club, that’s not going to be an issue because you’ve got customers coming in and just saying oh three thousand dollars, BAM, paid, it’s over. But if you’re a small club, maybe in a less advantaged environment, maybe these people have to make a credit card payment, then they could kick up 40 bucks and they kick up 80 bucks and they get a check, you know all these different things have to be accounted.

You can accommodate your customers andmake sure you can keep the focus on yourteam, club, players and going out and playing the game, not onbilling and how do you track all thisstuff.

How do your customers, howdo your parents, go in and get into their

Customer Portal and manage their billing?

How do they do it on their own?

How dothey see their billing history?

How do they see what they still owe you?

How do they make payments right through the CustomerPortal ?

These things get complicated. All these details take a ton of work and I know from experience that if we were to try to do this from scratch it would not be a 1 month – 2month, one year project. It would be a 2–3-5 years project to get it right. One year to do the coding, next year to fix all the, like, I didn’t think of that, and then another year to really refine it and get all the extra features and details in there that really make it a great system.

So as we roll this out you’re gonna see this thing coming out so quickly, you know, these big giant modules that maybe you realize how complicated they are. Maybe, you don’t, maybe realize the ground work that has to go into these things. Maybe you don’t… but as you see these things coming out, I want to assure you that you are coming into a system that has 14 years of hardcore billing experience.

I mean, our whole business is billing our customers live in die-off billing. If you’re a soccer club, you build once in a while but our customers bill every single minute of every single day of every single month of every single year.

That’s the only way they survive and if it’s not working flawlessly every second, our customers are losing money. And you know they won’t stay around as customers very long, but they do, because our systems are extremely good.

They’re refined, they’re reliable, they’re proven. And when you’re using the SocrPro business center you are getting a proven system that will work flawlessly for managing your club.

In future posts, I’ll talk more aboutsome of the specifics. I want to reallyget into a whole video just on BucketBilling because our Bucket Billingsystem is incredible. I mean, no one elsehas it no one else really thinks aboutbilling for soccer the way we do.

We live and die soccer, you know we justdon’t have this as a business, it’ssomething we live so we have the bestsystem out there.

It’s the same way with our Scheduling System, you know, we didn’t just put out another meet to Scheduling System. We put in the Itinerary System, Meal Planner, and Travel Planner.

We did all thesethings to accommodate what soccer travel clubs need. I mean, a basic soccer club that doesn’t travel, they don’t need much, any system will work. But once you start traveling, you’re going to definitely appreciate the difference between our Scheduling System and the other guys out there.

So I want to circle back to the billing though, I’m just gonna close off and say, this has not been released yet. I want to assure you that it’s not coming from a, let’s call it a newbie perspective. It’s coming from the perspective of actually being more sophisticated, more complicated, more features and we’re bringing that down to make it simpler and easier to use and optimized just for soccer, just for what you need.

I will talk to you in the next post, where we get into greater details about this exciting new module and I really look forward to having you start to use it play, with it kick the tires and give us some feedback.

You have a great day, stay safe, stay healthy.

The Proven SocrPro Billing System