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How to Create and Use Your Player Account in SocrPro – Training Video 1 isn’t just made for the soccer coaches, it’s made for the soccer players too! Now you can create your own highlights and video playlist with an online presence that you control. It’s easy, fun and free so join today and let’s see your best soccer plays.

In this video, I demonstrate how to sign up for your Socrpro account and then create your player page and finally create and share your highlight videos.

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5 Different Types of Soccer Videos in SocrPro System

Soccer coaching software needs different types of video formats for different purposes. Soccer coaches love the free soccer coaching capabilities to educate their players, parents need an easy way to share videos and kids love sharing highlight videos on their soccer player’s page. Keeping this in mind, we developed SocrPro in such a way that it can fulfill all kinds of soccer video format, a person from any soccer demographic might require.

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How to Save Shared Videos as My Own Soccer Videos

In this video, I demonstrate how to take a shared video and save it in your account as your soccer video.

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Great Players vs Great Systems

Galaxy – Score

When the Chicago Bulls were the championship dynasty of the NBA the General Manager, Jerry Krause, made a statement that championships were won by “great systems”.

Naturally, everyone laughed at this because everyone knew Michael Jordan was the reason the Bulls won 6 championships.

Even with Jerry Krause’s “great system”, the Bulls have not won a championship since Michael Jordan left.

But on the other hand, Jordan played in the NBA 7 years before winning his 1st championship and after his successful career with the Bulls, he played for the Washington Wizards with little positive effect.

So it appears that one is not mutually exclusive from the other.

It’s true that you need great players but it’s also true that great players in a weak system will plateau much sooner than their individual abilities would indicate.

Conversely, players in strong system will achieve results beyond that of their individual skills… the old saying of “the whole being greater than the sum of its’ parts”.

Because soccer is such a low scoring game, the “system” can take on a greater role since every scoring opportunity requires almost perfect execution to put the ball into the back of the net.

Teams that play consistently, that get into position every single time, that follow the shot every time, are the teams that win tough games and beat opponents with equal and often stronger talent.

They always seem to get the “lucky bounce”.

In this video, you’ll see the center striker following the ball even though it was obvious the goalie had this shot all lined up and the stop was all but guaranteed. But pay attention to the right striker and you’ll see her following the shot as well.

This score, and 1-0 victory, occurred in the 80th minute and after this goalie had stopped everything that came remotely close to the net. The teams were evenly matched and this was a hard fought physical game with both sides showing exhaustion from the long effort.

But the “system”, the quality coaching, the learned consistency and the individual drive of the players put this game into the W column because they followed EVERY shot to the goal from the opening whistle to the final second of the game.

This wasn’t a “fluke” or crazy “luck”, it was the product of a “great system” with disciplined players.

Had these players tried to win on talent alone, I guarantee this game wouldn’t have ended with the same result.

This is where talented players separate their team from their competition… by playing with a “great system”.

The challenge becomes educating your players to play within the “great system” through education and effective coaching.

And one of the best tools for “great system” education is Built from the ground up for soccer and only soccer.

Best of all is FREE… so get your copy today and start winning more games immediately.

Gary Jezorski

PS Your players will believe it when they see it… so make it easy for them to believe you and follow your instructions.

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1 Legged Soccer Player vs 1 Armed Boxer

This isn’t a heroic story about a single player overcoming enormous odds to make it into the Premier League.

Nor is this a story of the underdog that persevered for years, toiling in the shadows of bigger, faster, stronger players before finally getting his chance to show the world he exists.

It’s really a story of the vast majority of youth soccer players and how they learn to play the game.

But before I get to soccer, let’s talk about a good old fashioned street fight.

At some point in time, you’ve either been in a fight or witnessed a schoolyard fight and there’s one thing that happens in almost every street fight; both participants use only their right hand to strike the other person.

Whether they’re fighting standing up or wrestling on the ground, they still use their right hand to hit the other person.

When kids are taught to box, the 1st thing they’re taught is to use both hands.

To throw punches in combinations of left, right, left or right, left, right. To throw a high jab to set up a lower body shot using their opposite hand.

Nobody ever questions the need of the boxer to be able to throw punches ambidextrously with equal veracity and everybody understands the importance of this skill.

Sometimes I think more soccer players should go take boxing lessons.

Some need it just to learn that not listening to the coach’s instructions leads to bad things while others would better understand the importance of using both limbs… but I digress.

When you study youth soccer (preferably via video with your free account at, you’ll quickly see that the vast majority of players use only 1-foot for 90%, or more, of their touches.

They receive, dribble, turn, pass, shoot… all with their right foot.

It’s the equivalent of a boxer entering the ring with one hand tied behind his back.

The root of the problem, and the reason coaches struggle to fix this universal problem, is the immense space of the soccer field and the randomness of play.

Kids simply learn how to do things faster and more efficiently using only 1-foot instead of making a conscious effort to use both feet to double their speed and options on the field.

They have more initial success using their strong foot than struggling to improve their weak foot so they just do what works better for them without thinking of the future when the game speeds up and the skill levels required for success are increased.

This is where SocrLabs is different… and in this case far better.

Taking advantage of a controlled environment and hi-tech development tools, we’re able to quickly break those old, bad habits and force the kids to use their weak foot repetitively. This repetition builds the good habits and muscle memory that is then carried onto the practice / game field.

The next time you’re watching your kids play in a game, count the number of times they use their strong foot versus their weak foot. I guarantee you’ll only need 1-hand for the weak side count.

If you want your favorite players to step onto the field with 2-legs instead of 1, bring them to SocrLabs today and we’ll untie that 2nd limb so they can use both their right foot and left foot to play better soccer and win more games.

Gary Jezorski

PS Yes… they all cheat the same way with their right foot to avoid using their left foot. The better players are simply better at cheating. You’ll be amazed at how much better they become when they double their options.

PPS No kids were harmed in the writing of this article and yes, we know that girls punch too… just ask their brothers.

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