Part 2 fixing bad Apps

In part 1, I explained why you should delete your bad app from the store…but then what do you do?

You’re going to need a replacement.

This is where bad things tend to repeat themselves for a couple reasons:

 1. Good app developers have too much business to handle.

 2. Bad app developers are available but only because they’re bad.

There’s far more to consider but let’s assume you’re working with a good app developer.

When you hire a developer, team of developers or a development company, the 1st thing you need to do is set a date for the 1st upload to the App Store.

This 1st upload needs to be really fast with extremely limited functionality.

For reference, if the 1st upload is going to take longer than 2-weeks… you’ve waited too long.

If you’re viewing everything from a desktop “simulator”, you’re going to be surprised, in a bad way, when you finally do your 1st upload to the Apple store.

Uploading the app to Apple is the #1 thing you need to focus on, especially when hiring an “app company”.

App companies are the worst because they’ll take on far more business than they can handle, everything will be delivered late, and every app is going to have problems.

It’s the nature of the beast.

Forcing an upload lowers the waterline, exposes the “rocks” (truth) and exposes what you really have versus what they claim they’ve done.

To make your app development better – upload early, upload often!

Or you can do it the way the app companies prefer – wait, trust, get angry and listen to apologizes and requests for more money.

If you need help with your mobile app – Call 847 380 7307 or DM me and I’ll be happy to help any of my connections.

Would you like to offer more soccer scholarships?

There are 3 basic pathways to give kids this opportunity.

1 option is painful while 2 others are free and easy.

Let’s cover the 1st option, the “painful” one.

1. Reduce Your Club Revenue – Simply do not charge the players to join your club.

Simple but not really desirable for many reasons.

2. Fund Raisers – Free to the club but someone needs to step up with donations, or car wash labor, or convincing family members to buy over priced “stuff” to disguise the cash donations.

It’s not uncommon for a medium sized club to raise $10,000 with a fundraiser.

3. Simple Cost Reductions – Why bother doing a fund raiser to generate $10,000 if your club is wasting $10,000 through waste?

The same medium sized club is wasting $10,000, or more, simply by using outdated software for registration.

By using the same modern registration technology used by every e-commerce platform, a medium sized club will save $10,000+ annually with no additional effort needed.

Large clubs can save $53,976 annually… or more!

It’s literally FREE money for scholarships!

 ~ No effort

 ~ Standard technology

 ~ Savings are repeated year after year

 ~ Kids get scholarships, clubs save money

 ~ Everyone wins

Get your FREE account of SocrPro today and discover what it’s like to use a registration and coaching system with modern billing technology that does NOT add bonus fees into your club.

There’s “Free” but then there’s *free.

There’s “Free” but then there’s *free.

“Free” will cost you nothing…

…but *free will cost you a fortune!

“Free” is like the Sunday meal your mother makes while *free is like the bribe they offer you to sit through a timeshare presentation while on vacation in Cancun.

How does this matter to soccer clubs?

*Free uses back-end fees added to every transaction.

*Free robs your small club of $3,290 / annually.

*Free robs large club of over $53,763 / annually.

*Free adds zero value… only fees.

“Free” is not having any transaction fees.

“Free” requires zero extra work / effort.

“Free” is what you get with SocrPro while *free is what you get with the “other guys”.

“Free” is actually free while *free is far from free.

So if you want the Real FREE Join

Just pass it through to the customer

“Just pass it through to the customer”

“You won’t need to pay it”

I asked… “If the customer is willing to pay the extra fee, couldn’t I just keep it?”

The salesman couldn’t answer.

Could this be the dumbest reason to overpay?

Yet our competition does exactly what this guy was pitching to me for his system.

The “other guys” overcharge the customer (soccer clubs) and convince them that it doesn’t matter because the extras fees are added during the checkout process.

Am I alone in recognizing that the customer can see those “bonus fees” added to the transaction?

Do soccer clubs really not understand that even if the customer is willing to pay those fees, that the club could keep them if they were not foolishly handing them to their software provider?

Let me make this perfectly clear.

Any money spent by your customer should be yours.

If there is a “bonus fee”, that money is yours.

If a software provider keeps that “bonus fee”, they are keeping your money.

The money they keep is a direct cost to the club.

Every dollar lost in “bonus fees” is the equivalent of a dollar taken from your bank account.

There is no such thing as a “customer paid fee”. 

There is only revenue and expense. 

Call these 2 things anything you like but it never changes the truth.

Join today.

Free Soccer Analysis Software

Free soccer analysis software is the best way to start using soccer game analysis software.

Soccer video analysis software that’s free to use is going to provide you with the best opportunity to understand the software and determine if it’s going to be a good fit for the soccer analysis needs you have and the mission you’re trying to complete.

The first question you need to answer is, “do you really need soccer game analysis software” or will a free video editor like iMovie get the job done? In some cases, programs like iMove are all you need… but in reality, this is only a viable option for base-level coaches or soccer players simply wanting to cut out a few highlights from a recent game.

For soccer coaches serious about taking their players to a high level”soccer IQ”, iMovie is not going to be a viable option because it’s simply not built for soccer game analysis in the same way “purpose-built” software has been built from the ground up with the specific mission in mind.

Let’s take a look at some of the key features of purpose-built soccer game analysis software and why these features make your coaching analysis easier and more effective.

  1. Easier to use – Purpose-built software has a defined mission so only the necessary features are added and the workflow is optimized. Just as a “sport utility vehicle” will do many things well, it does not haul and tow as well as a heavy-duty pickup truck and it’s not as “sporty” as a true sports car like a Corvette.
  2. Screen draw “telestration” – To effectively communicate with video, a soccer coach needs to be able to draw right in the video. Freehand drawing, circles, lines, shaded areas, and text. The best systems will include the ability for the coach to speak and have this audio added to the video so he can easily explain complex topics.
  3. Data tags – Screen telestration is the best way to explain the “why” (#1 in importance to me) but the data tags create the statistics and reports that create the “what”. Combining the “why” and the “what” is the Holy Grail of soccer game analysis.
  4. Playback filters – When reviewing specific items with the team, you’ll want to be able to quickly filter and “jump” to any specific point in a video. For example, if your team struggled with crosses or finishing, you can easily select those 2 items and then “jump” from cross to cross and all your scoring opportunities.
  5. Video distribution – No matter what you use to create the video, at some point you’ll need to share this with your team, and then you’ll want a cloud-based system to make this video sharing “1-click simple”.

These are just a few of the reasons why dedicated soccer game analysis software is the best option for a soccer coach to use when you have game video and want to use it to increase the “soccer IQ” of your players to aid their development and win more games.

The only question left is whether to get your soccer analysis software free or to pay for your soccer analysis software?

Fortunately, with, you don’t need to make a compromising decision because even with the free version, you’ll receive the full power of the #1 ranked soccer game analysis software. Join with no credit card required and use it “free forever” – it’s that simple!

What are you waiting for? Sign up now and start analyzing your soccer games immediately.

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Soccer Billing Scam? You Decide

Why would anyone use software with a payment scheme rejected by the overwhelming majority of e-commerce businesses in the early part of the last decade?

Why would you use this overpriced, failed billing scheme for your soccer club registration?

When you see the cost of this billing, you will be shocked at how much you’re wasting each and every year and receiving absolutely no benefit that comes anywhere close to the level of money wasted.

Imagine how many scholarships you could provide if you were saving anywhere close to the shocking numbers you’ll see in this demonstration.