What makes a great soccer app?

This simple question can set off a firestorm of different opinions, and there are all types of soccer apps for many different niches, but in the end I think the answer is really simple.

There are video streaming soccer apps for watching Premiere League and MLS games. These fall into the classification of “passive” soccer apps because you’re not really doing anything “functional” with them. They’re simply “feeding” you information but you’re not really an active participant in the interaction.

On the flip side of the coin are the soccer apps where you are an active participant in the interaction and you actively contribute as part of the usage of the app.

For the purposes of this discussion, we’ll be answering the question of “what makes a great soccer app” in the context of a “functional app” because watching games is going to be the same no matter what soccer app you choose to stream the video to your computer or phone.

The simple answer is a “great soccer app is an app that’s all about soccer.”

But what does this really mean?

To begin with, a soccer app should be built specifically for soccer instead of a generic app built for 100s of sports and other random activities (think apps like TeamSnap for example).

Secondly, a great soccer app should handle all of the things a soccer team /club needs to run efficiently. It should save time for soccer club administration and save money for the club.

Thirdly, a great soccer app should help coaches save time so they can spend more time on the pitch and less time in front of their computers.

Lastly, a great soccer app needs to help a soccer coach win more games. Winning is fun, winning keeps players interested in the sport and parents reward clubs that win with their money instead of “club hopping”.

Not that winning is the only thing that matters but shouldn’t a great soccer app help you win “more”? After all, nobody puts in the effort to practice hard to lose.

So what soccer app actually does all this?

SocrPro.com is the one and only soccer app that was built from the ground up specifically, and only, for soccer and because of this focus, is the only soccer app that can actually help a team / club save time, save money and help it win more games.

Let’s start from the winning perspective and work our way back to the saving time issue.

It’s a proven fact that coaching video not only helps the players gain soccer IQ, it actually helps soccer coaches become better coaches as new insights regularly present themselves. When you step back and see the whole field, in slow motion, frame by frame, or back and forth, suddenly things you never notice in the excitement of the live game become obvious.

Since I’ve never met a soccer coach that had “too much time” on their hands, it’s important to see how the Scheduling System, Session Planner, and Player Evaluation System will save a massive number of hours for coaches.

Some clubs are large enough to have dedicated admin staff but no club is large enough that even with these helping hands, the coaches are not still actively involved when it’s time for travel, tournaments, and showcase events. Even ensuring the committed players actually make it through the registration process will usually fall onto the coach’s shoulders.

Having an automated registration system reduces time commitments and complexity from the start of the onboarding process and makes it monumentally easier to collect payments… especially if your club is not a “rich” club and needs to offer payment plans to ease the burden on the player’s parents.

In summary, what makes a great soccer app is an app built for soccer and an app that saves time, saves money and helps win more games.

The #1 soccer app, and the only app, that actually does all of this for soccer is SocrPro.com.

Built for soccer and only soccer. You will see and “feel” the obvious difference the 1st time you log in to SocrPro as a soccer coach, admin, player and even parents.

How to Save Shared Videos as My Own Soccer Videos

In this video, I demonstrate how to take a shared video and save it in your account as your soccer video.

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With Private Lesson Coaching an Individual Athlete Made Easy

You’ve probably heard the old saying that you praise in public and criticize in private and sometimes a player does something wrong and you need to address it so it doesn’t happen in the future but you don’t want to bring it up in front of the entire team. This is where the private lesson feature is ideal because it allows you to show the player what went wrong and how they can improve things in the future games, but you can do it privately or in some cases you may want to create private lessons strictly for the defense or go your offense there are applicable only to that person or group.

If you love soccer and don’t already have your own SocrPro account, go get one right now. It’s free to sign up and it’s free to use. So the only risk is to not sign up and then losing to teams that are already using SocrPro to help their players develop into smarter, happier players that win more games and have more fun.

Remember that Socrpro has an amazing Mobile App that’ll keep all your updates at your fingertips.

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With Coach’s Audio, Communication With Players Made Easy And Simple

Coach’s audio is probably hands down my favorite feature of SocrPro because it allows me to click one button, speak into my laptop microphone or headset and quickly describe everything to my players. Not only is this much faster than typing on the screen, but there’s the consistency of the players hearing my voice on the video during practice and during a game. But most importantly adding coach’s audio into my videos helps move the conversation from what they’re supposed to do to why they’re supposed to do it. And everyone knows that understanding the why is the key to understanding and proper execution.

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SocrPro – New Tag Delay Feature Will Amaze You

Creating great soccer coaching videos that are fun and efficient to watch is easier with our industry exclusive “Tag Delay” function that allows you to watch the video and apply the accurate tags back into their correct location automatically.

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How Can You Share A Project Using SocrPro

Soccer coaching videos and soccer highlight videos can take a a lot of time to produce so we’ve made it really easy to share the work with others. You can use this technique with our virtual coaching system, with your own coaches or literally anyone you choose to help you with the best free soccer coaching software available.

Remember that Socrpro has an amazing Mobile App that’ll keep all your updates at your fingertips.

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