When “C to Z” beats “Left & Right”


More time is better when you’re on vacation, or getting a massage, sitting in a hot tub, or have a deadline, but not quite as good when you’re trying to break down your game film to help your team win more games.

And breaking down the video needs to be as simple as possible with the least amount of effort and the fewest “clicks”. We know… we do a LOT of video for a lot of games.

Because we wear the same boots you wear, we’re constantly looking for every second we can save by making the software smarter and easier to use.

One of the latest changes we just implemented was moving the Time of Possession hot keys from the “left and right” arrow keys to the “Z” and “C” keys.

This might seem like an odd choice of keys since everyone else likes to use the more intuitive arrow keys but moving the hot keys to the left side of the keyboard allows you to use your left hand to record the time of possession while you use your right hand for simultaneous tagging of the game events.

Like the game itself, this one small change will not make or break your experience with the SocrPro software but bit by bit, click by click, improvement by improvement, we’re making SocrPro into the easiest, most powerful and best loved sports video software in the world today.

SocrPro is the only sports video software built only for soccer and 100% dedicated to the sport of soccer today and the future. We know we could easily create additional features and then use this for other sports but we can’t figure out why we would ever do that?

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