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Free soccer billing app… or free sports billing app… it really doesn’t matter because they both end up robbing your soccer club of valuable funds without you even knowing it’s happening.

Let’s back up a minute and I just want you to think about what you could do with and extra $2,000, $5,000 or even and extra $12,000 without having to do an extra minute of work. Quite literally, you can save this amount of money with 10 minutes of effort 1 time and then never do anything more… not ever.

The weird part of this story is that I had no idea this soccer billing practice even existed because it was basically banished from the e-commerce world 18 years ago. Discovering that this archaic soccer billing practice existed, much less thrived, was a massive surprise to me.

My goal is to educate as many people as possible so I can help you keep that money in your club so you can afford to buy new equipment, provide more scholarships or just make sure your club can stay afloat through these tough times.

Let me explain the sleazy part of soccer registration billing and then provide you with the simple solution.

When you use one of these “other” free soccer apps for billing, what they’re doing is drastically overcharging for the credit card processing fees and charging as much as 10X for transaction fees. These outrageous overcharges might seem like they’re getting passed off to the parents paying for their kids but in reality, the club could just as easily keep those fees to better fund the club.

Parents do not care if they’re paying a surcharge to you or to the billing company, they just know they are paying more, they’re bottom line costs have gone up.

So what’s the solution?

In SocrPro, our registration and billing system was set up based upon modern e-commerce practices so you get to add your own credit card processing account into our system. This is literally a “copy and paste” operation and we’ll help you to make it done correctly.

Once it’s set up, you’ll never need to touch it again!

From a user standpoint, they never see the back end systems and all they see is an order page with your name and logo. It works the same, or better, than the billing system you’re using today but with a massively lower cost to operate.

Yes… your operational cost of registration and billing will drop significantly because “free” is not really “free”!

This might seem complicated but I assure you that it is extremely simple and once you have this set up, you’ll never touch it again. There is nothing to maintain and nothing to service. Just “set it” and then “forget it”!

Call one of our service reps today and we’ll get you set up very quickly and easily.

Plus, you’ll have all the other tools as a “bonus”. You’re going to save time, save money and win more games – I guarantee it!

Should Youth Soccer Players Dribble More …or Less?

Should Youth Soccer Players Dribble More …or Less?

Dribble more and the kids have a better touch on the ball and more accurate passes when they do release the ball.

Dribble less and the speed of play increases with more movement on the pitch.

It’s an age old debate amongst soccer coaches, players and even parents. One group shouting “pass it” while the other is yelling “control the ball”.

Certainly this is all conditional and in some cases you want your team to pass as quickly as possible and in other cases you want them to slow things down, to control the ball and dribble more and pass less.

I’ll tell you what I’ve learned from hundreds of hours of video analysis and 1st hand experience in our SocrLabs technical development center.

“Youth soccer players pass too much”

In the majority of cases, youth soccer players are passing too often and too early and soccer coaches should encourage their players to dribble more and pass less.

Let me explain why I take this position and then see if you agree or disagree.

A. 1-Touch Passes are Inaccurate – Passing quality and accuracy spikes up dramatically when players take a touch, a dribble or 2, and then pass the ball versus 1-touch passes. Settling the ball with a touch removes 3 of the 4 variables every player needs to account for when making a pass.

B. Listen to Pep G – Ball movement needs to move the defense. Dribbling and passing are both necessary to force the defense to move and when players pass too early, the defense is allowed to sit back and look for the pass interception. I want players to draw the defensive pressure to them and then pass past this pressure. I want defenders to commit and then need to recommit and I want to maximize the distance they need to move in a game to wear them down as much as possible.

C. Players Will Self Regulate – I’ve never met a player that likes losing the ball while dribbling. When players dribble too much, they will lose the ball to the defense and they will get tired of having the ball stolen and will start to pass more often.

D. Video Fixes the “Non-Regulators” – Some players learn when to pass “slower” than others (I call these “ball dancers”) but you can easily show them in video game review that they are holding the ball too long. It’s a lot easier to show a player when they lost the ball while dribbling than it is to show them that they lost the ball because they passed too early.

E. Mindless “Hot Potato” – Passing for the sake of passing with no real purpose or intent. The last time I read the soccer rule book, there are no bonus points for having the most passes in a game yet there seems to be a pervasive mentality that a team that makes the most “quick passes” is the best team. I’m not a fan of this idea.

Those are the main reasons I think youth soccer players should dribble more and pass less… do you share my opinion and have other ideas?

** is the world’s only “purpose built” soccer specific system for all your soccer coaching, player management/recruiting and club business needs

21 things only SocrPro can do Item # 3 – Video Jump Function

Did you know that SocrPro is the only system that allowsyou to hit a jump button and go all the way through the video to see all your coaches tipped your shots?

You crosses anything that you want to see in the video, you just hit that jump button using our filters and jump right to it. We’re the only one that has this system. The other systems, that are made for American football,like huddle, make you create playlists.

Well those playlists are very time consuming to create and then you got to organize them and jumbled through them and all this other rigmarole. It is so much easier with SocrPro. We can take one video, put the tags in it and the coaches tips init.

If you want to put highlights in there you can do that as well, but then when you go to play it back, all you have to do is check the box, hit the jump button and bam it’s done.

It is so much more convenient and really speak through the way that soccer is played. Football is a set play type of sport so we don’t want to use aset play type of play list, it works great for football but it doesn’t work for soccer.

So this is just one more way we save you time, we save you money, and help you win more games.

You have a great day on the pitch

How to Link Soccer Practice Session Into Your Scheduler

Did you know that no session planner andno scheduling system are actually linked together?

Weird! Wouldn’t it be awesomeif you could just take your session plan,create it and then attach it right toyour schedule?

So that when you show upat practice you not only have yourpractice already pre-laid out andscheduled but your session plan isalready there too so everyone thatlooked at the schedule can also look atyour session plan. Now that’s another waywe save you time, save work for you and savemoney; because you’re only using onesystem and it makes your life better allright

This is Gary with SocrPro

Hoping you have a great day on the pitch and remember if you don’t have your free forever account today go get one now free today, free forever. You willlove it and it’ll make your life a lot easier I guarantee it, I know

Bucket Billing vs Standard Soccer Billing Products

Hey everyone it’s Gary

Today I want to clear up a question that keeps popping up, because we have this very unique system called bucket billing in our product and we created this specifically so you could have an optimized system for your club dues.

Now people are a little confused because they don’t know the difference between what a bucket billing is and what a standard product is. So let me just explain that real quickly because this is really important and a lot of people won’t understand what bucket billing is, because no one else has it. We’re the only ones that created it.

We’re the only ones that have it, we’re the only ones that do it this way and we made it specifically for soccer clubs and nothing else. We added the bucket billing specifically so you can have your registration, your waiver, your very unique billing system, all tied together in one product, optimized and streamlined, fully automated for your club dues.

Alright so let me just go over this real quickly and I’ll show you what some of the differences are and let me show you the primary difference. Now this is our standard registration product club dues.

We’re going to look at the payment schedule. Now you’ll notice that there is a defined payment schedule. We did this because when you are running your club, you have your fall season, your winter season, summer season, spring season… whatever it is that you have that’s always going to be a defined season and you’re always going to have your tryouts and you want people to commit by a certain date and there’s going to be a certain fee that you charge when they commit to kind of like their contract signing fee and that becomes part of their total payment.

I mean if you have tryouts and then some people, they make their initial payment, commit on day one, right let’s say you have tryouts on and you have some people that say okay I definitely want to be on the team by May 5th, so they pay then. You have someone else that pays on May 10th, and then someone else on May 3rd, and someone else on May 8th. It doesn’t matter whenever they sign up and pay for this registration. They’re going to pay this amount on the day they sign up, on the day they commit, that they’re going to play for your team. It doesn’t matter whether they sign up on the 3rd,the 5th, the 8th, the 10th, the 15th,everybody is going to be billed by the system automatically. It doesn’t matter when they signed up.

This is your defined billing period. Of course we have the early paid discounts if they pay early and they don’t have to make all these payments, they might pay everything upfront because they want this early discount.

That’s fine but the heart and soul of this is, this defined payment schedule. A defined payment schedule of amount and date. How does that differ from a regular product? When you come into a regular product and when I talk about a regular product I think about t-shirts, kits, training gear. I don’t know whatever else you might be selling let’s just keep it that way, let’s just pretend we’re selling training shirts, maybe promotional shirts.

So here we have a standard product training shirt. I have my product price of, well, in this case we’ll charge $20 for a t-shirt. I can have my recurring billing but what you’re going to notice is that we don’t have a defined date period. What we have are for a different profile so you can set up four different profiles and you can give people a bunch of different options.

For the sake of this conversation, I’m going to keep it as easy as possible adjust talk about one recurring profile so you’ll notice there’s no defined date period. It’s a time delay so that person that signs up on the 2nd of a month is going to be on a different payment schedule than the person that joins and pays on the 3rd of a month. Because whatever delay you put in to start your billing, in this case, I’ll say that we’re going to start our billing in fifteen days and then our recurring cycle is going to be thirty days and our recurring price is going to be let’s call it again $15 okay? So this is your typical subscription. This is more typically used if you are selling something like a t-shirt of the Month.

 If you’re selling health drink, you know, if you have assorts drink that you’re selling, maybe you put these people on a subscription that every month they get another case of sports drink. So this is the type of billing that you’re a little bit more accustomed to where you sign up for product you get.

So thesis a little bit more of your traditional recurring billing type scheme or payment process, whatever you want to call it, versus a defined date and schedule period. Now you can see that this would work. You could do this for registration. You could have people signup and just accept the fact that the person that accepted your team commission the third versus on the fifth versus on the eighth versus or the tenth they’re all going to be on different time periods but they’re all going to get billed in the same basic way.

You know 30 days out right, whatever you set this recurring cycle to, so that’ll work. But there’s other reasons that the bucket billing is better. It allows for early pay discounts and it allows for you to have your registration and your waivers tied right to the order.

 It gives you the defined date period and people can paying different ways. They can pay out of their customer portal and they can makimonos payments, there’s whole bunch of ways that they can pay to get that team fee completed.

Again one is perfect for one solutioning is perfect for another solution. You could use them for different things. If you wanted, if you prefer to have this type of payment where it’s fixed and just on the credit card and don’t early pay, no defined date schedule, you could use this for registration. You could setup three easy payments. You could do all those things, there’s flexibility there It really comes down to what you want todo.

 I personally think the bucket billings just the ultimate, best, most optimized solution for a soccer club because of the flexibility, the defined date period, the registration waivers, medical waivers, everything gets tied to the order. The ability to make partial payments, extra payments and bonus. You know all those things just make it a better solution and of course it’s all done automatically so you don’t have to do anything. All those things can be done for your customers, for your parents but you don’t have to do any extra work.

In fact it reduces your workload because now you’re not trying to chase people down for medical waivers, for liability waivers, for all those different things. You just put it all in at the start “bing-bam-boom” IT’S done.

I’ll stop talking, I could goon and on about this whole system. I just love the way that we’ve automated this and optimized it for soccer clubs butf or now I’m just going to stop and just talk about the bucket billing, standard product and if you have any other questions, hit me up, just send it through our system and I’ll answer them for you, put a comment.

Let’s stay in touch

This is Gary with SocrPro, Hoping you have a more successful season and spend less time on your admin and automation

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