Fixing Soccer Confidence Problems – Part 1

“My child lacks confidence in games”

Parents tell me this all the time and hope I can fix it for them.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to dramatically improve confidence in a youth soccer player!

The secret is simple but often overlooked.

But  before I give you the answer to the “confidence problem”, I want you to remember back to when your child was learning to ride a bike.

You could clearly see that he was riding on the 2-wheels and the training wheels were no longer needed but what was his reaction when you offered to remove the training wheels?

“Nooooooo” …he was scared because he lacked “confidence”.

Like most good parents (fathers anyhow), we’re really good at lying to our kids to trick them into doing things that they do not want to do.

So naturally, you told him, “I’ll hold onto the seat and run along with you so you can’t fall”.

But we never do, we always let go and the kids just ride on their own.

Getting them to just go on their own is the next challenge because they still lack “confidence” so they hesitate, they don’t commit and often fall over because they start off too slowly.

If they fall over a few times too many, they’ll refuse to try again and ask for the training wheels or insist you help them each time they want to ride.

After enough repetition, kids never hesitate. They hop on the bike and just go without even thinking about the mechanics necessary to start, balance and ride the bike.

They didn’t need to “visualize” or hire a counselor to help them mentally, they just needed enough repetition to master the skill to a level where they stopped thinking about the low level mechanics and focused on speed, cornering, riding with no hands, doing “wheelies” and hopping curbs.

It’s the exact same thing for kids in soccer.

In almost every case, there is no “lack of confidence”.

There’s a lack of “skill”.

This lack of skill leads to fear.

 ~ Fear of a bad 1st touch.

 ~ Fear of not being able to evade a defender.

 ~ Fear of always losing the ball.

Soon they do not actually want the ball and subconsciously find ways to avoid the ball I.e. not working to get open or passing the ball as soon as they get the ball.

This is “mental”, but it starts with “physical”.

When your child is lacking confidence on the soccer field, the 1st thing you need to do is improve their technical skills and you will see a dramatic jump in their game confidence.

They need to stop “thinking” about performing the low level mechanics of managing the ball so they can focus on the tactical and strategic aspects of the game.

Confidence is less “mental” and more “physical so focus on this first and you’ll see a dramatic difference quickly”.


3 things your soccer billing / registration software must have…

…or you’re playing man down with an empty goal.

There’s an old saying about poker players that goes like this, “if you’re sitting at the table and still trying to figure who’s the mark, it’s you:”

Today I’m going to reveal the 3 most important things your soccer club software needs to do for you to ensure you’re in control, that you’re dealing the cards and not the “mark”.

1. Independent Merchant Account – If your billing / registration software is also your merchant account, you’re paying too much, and you lack control.

You would never give a 3rd party supplier direct access to your club’s checking account so why would you allow them to control your money before it’s deposited into your checking account?

Modern software allows you to simply “connect” your merchant account into the billing / registration software and this keeps you in control.

2. Automated Recurring Billing – Many systems have recurring billing tools already but most only provide 1 method of recurring billing.

The reality of your soccer club business is that nothing ever happens “1 way” so you need multiple ways to set up recurring billing.

Registration payments are often performed with a fixed date and amount while camps, clinics and kits are sold differently.

 ~ What about selling camps over text?

 ~ Or through social media?

 ~ Or having the ability to manually re-bill a customer for any random item?

All these things, and more, are a daily part of your reality so if you want to bring in more revenue for the club, you need these tools and flexibility.

3. All-In-One System Integration – Nobody has time to manage multiple systems – Fact!

It’s not cost effective; it requires an extra learning curve for every independent system and it’s a huge hassle for everyone to have your data scattered across multiple platforms.

SocrPro is the only system that offers everything from club management, coaching, scheduling, recruiting systems, and more.

Stop wasting time and money and check out SocrPro today.

There’s only 1 “all-in-one” system that truly does it all so check it out today!

How do you know when you’re using the wrong soccer club management software?

Here are 3 simple clues that make it easy.

  1. Backend Fees – You should never pay a backend transaction fee and even worse when it’s a backend payment that’s percentage of your sale.

If your software provider is dipping their greedy paws into your back pocket every time someone pays you… then you have a HUGE problem and are getting ripped off in a way that would make a Chicago politician blush.

No matter what else this software mighty be doing for you, the costs are simply too high to justify the benefits – 100% guaranteed!

2. Multiple Programs – Learning, maintaining, and paying for multiple programs to run 1 club has costs that go beyond the monthly fees.

If you’re using multiple programs today, then you already know how many extra hours you’re wasting for even the simplest of tasks.

Software that does not provide an integrated “systems” approach is always going to operate better than when you cobble multiple programs together.

3. Not Industry Specific – Sure… it might “work”, but does it work as well as it could if it were built for you and your industry?

An SUV will haul a few sheets of plywood home from Home Depot, but a pickup truck works better and a mini-van works better than both when you need to haul half the soccer team to an out-of-town tournament.

Your software will work better when it’s built for you and the specific needs of your industry.

If you spot any of these problems with your software, there’s no need to worry because there’s already an “out of the box” solution ready to go.

SocrPro was built for soccer, just for soccer, and is the runaway best “all-in-one” solution for soccer.

Best of all, you can get a “FREE forever” account, including instant access, with nothing more than your name and email – no cc needed,  no contracts, no games.

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~ 7 Deadly Sins of College Soccer Recruiting ~

Epilogue – What if your “favorite soccer player” tells you…he’s not sure he wants to play college soccer?

Strap in because this is going to be unpopular advice.

College soccer is not the same as club soccer.

It’s far more “work” than club soccer, with a greater level of intensity, personal commitment, and sacrifice.

For some kids, this will be the experience of a lifetime.

Others will see their “new life” at college strangled by the burdens of college soccer.

So, here’s what you need to consider.

Your child’s life to this point has revolved around soccer.

Their entire identity has been built around soccer.

When they tell you they’re “thinking about quitting”, this decision has not come lightly.

The best thing you can do for your child is to make it as EASY as possible to quit.

Encourage them to quit.

Talk about all the new things they’ll be able to do at college after they quit.

Remind them they can always play competitive intramural soccer without the heavy demands of the college team soccer.

Help them identify with a new life outside of a life dedicated to soccer.

This transition won’t be easy on either of you… but it’s our job as parents to make it as easy as possible for them to move onto the next phase of their life.


Finally, enjoy what you have while you have it.

Don’t miss games.

Spend the money to join them when they travel (yes, the costs are painful).

It will be over faster than you can imagine so love every minute!

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~ 7 Deadly Sins of College Soccer Recruiting – College Choice ~

~7 – How do you choose the best college to play soccer…to maximize your chances for a soccer scholarship?

The answer to this is simple, but not always popular.

As stated previously, there’s always a college somewhere that has soccer scholarship money for you.

The challenge is finding the intersection of a college that you want to attend and a college that wants you to play for them badly enough that they’re willing to pay you with a scholarship.

It’s not a matter of whether you can get a soccer scholarship, it’s really a matter of whether you want the scholarship.

 ~ Do you love the college?

 ~ Do you love the campus?

 ~ Do you think the team is a fit for your style / level of play?

 ~ Are you comfortable with the coaches?

 ~ After 4-years, will the degree obtained provide a good ROI (return on investment)?

The reality is there are hundreds of great colleges where you’ll be able to answer “yes” to all 5 of those criteria so never compromise and accept a “no” to any of them.

If you do find a college that fits your criteria, and offers you a scholarship, be decisive and take it… or politely thank them for the offer and tell them you’re going to reject the offer.

If you’re not 100% sure the offer is right for you, it probably isn’t so reject it and allow the coach to move on to another player and open the opportunity to someone else in your same position.

Remember, there’s a difference between “decisive” and “foolhardy”.

Spend time at the campus, check out the environment, social scene, research the starting salaries of the graduates, and talk to current players.

Most importantly, hunt down alumni players because they can afford to be the most truthful about their experience. You can do this easily using LinkedIn.

When your decision is finally made, never 2nd guess yourself!

Focus on the adventure ahead of you and prepare for this singular mission.

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~ 7 Deadly Sins of College Soccer Recruiting – Scholarships ~

#6 – How do you get a scholarship to play soccer?

There’s one way that works best!

You may have heard that getting a soccer scholarship is “impossible” but there’s literally soccer scholarship money that goes unused every single year.

But there’s a catch… there’s always a catch.

The catch is that you need to play on the team that has the soccer scholarship money remaining.

Often these colleges are not the colleges your child chooses to attend which is why this money goes unused each year.

So how do you get a soccer scholarship at the college you want to attend?

The first rule is that you need to be flexible and willing to attend a lot of different colleges.

The wider the range of colleges you’re willing to attend, the greater the odds of finding a program that:

  1. Has soccer scholarship money available
  2. Is willing to give their soccer scholarship money to you

Being brutally honest, you should remove the thought of an athletic scholarship from your decision process altogether.

Look at any athletic scholarship you receive as “manna from heaven” but do not count on a soccer scholarship nor base your college choice solely on the prospect of a soccer scholarship.

The #1 best thing you can do is focus on an “academic scholarship” at the school where you choose to attend and play soccer.

Academic scholarships are far more plentiful and often more lucrative.

After 4-years of college, a high GPA is going to do more for your career than being the captain of your college soccer team.

** People are getting soccer scholarships so always ask for the money …just be realistic in your odds of getting the money!

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