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Hudl Sign Up

The Hudl sign up process is simple but you need to know what you’re actually “signing up” for? In other words, you need to know why are you signing up for Hudl because there are different processes for different sign up purposes.

Are you a coach that wants to sign up for Hudl because you have a soccer team and you need a sports software app to to increase the “soccer IQ” of your players to win more games? Or maybe you’re a player, or parent of a player, that needs to sign up for Hudl to join a team already in Hudl?

If you’re a parent, or player, trying to join an existing team, you’ll first need to receive an invitation from your coach (owner of the Hudl account) and then use that link with the special code to join the correct team.

You will receive an invite from your coach with a link that looks like this: 

Follow the link below to submit your details and join the team. You’ll be accepted as soon as we’ve checked them.
Registration page:

Team Code:  sf8azui

If you’re a coach that’s signing up for Hudl as the account owner of Hudl… this is where things get a little tricky and you’ll need to take a few things into account before you spend your hard earned dollars on a Hudl account.

The first thing you need to consider is your sport.

Hudl is a great sports app for youth football (American football) and if you’re a football team with the budget for Hudl, then signing up for Hudl is a “no brainer” – just do it.

But if you’re a soccer coach and contemplating signing up for Hudl as your sports coaching app, then I think you need to reconsider why you’re choosing a “football sports app” instead of a “soccer sports app” for a soccer team?

The truth about Hudl is… they think like football players!

  • The Hudl app is built for football players
  • The entire foundation of Hudl is from football (as you can guess from their name) and the “other” sports are kind of like an afterthought
  • The entire foundation of Hudl is from football (as you can guess from their name) and the “other” sports are kind of like an afterthought.

The approach Hudl has taken to build their soccer app reminds me of that funky “pick-up truck” from Honda called the “Ridgeline”.

*Uh oh… my wife hates my analogies but here we go anyhow.

Honda makes great cars, they have a wildly popular min-van called “Odyssey”, but at some point someone at Honda looked around and noticed that the folks in the USA buy a ton of pick up trucks each yearand a lot of half-tons too! (my wife hates my puns only slightly more than my analogies so now I’m in the bonus round).

The Ford F150 is the #1 best selling vehicle and often outsells the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry combined. 

To get into the pick-up truck game, Honda took their Odyssey mini-van, chopped the rear roof off, slapped a new name on the hood and called their newly modified Odyssey the Ridgeline “pickup” truck.

Honda sold a bunch, nothing like the Ford, Chevy, or Ram, but a few thousand units a month so they made some easy money by making a few “tweaks” to the design of an existing platform.

The trouble is, the Honda Ridgeline was not a real pickup truck. 

It couldn’t tow like a real pick-up truck, it couldn’t haul a payload in the back bed like a real pickup truck, it couldn’t handle rough terrain like a real pickup truck… because it was never really a pickup truck. 

The Hudl sports app has the same limitations when used for soccer. 

  • Hudl does not understand soccer
  • The video coaching foundation of Hudl is not well suited for soccer 
  • The Player’s Pages do not take into account the way soccer players are recruited to play college soccer
  • The game analysis system is extremely cumbersome to use for soccer… because Hudl was never really built for soccer.

So what’s a better option if you’re not going to sign up for Hudl?

Well, if you only care about soccer, the best option is likely going to be the sports app that was built from the ground up for soccer, only for soccer, and still dedicated 100% for the sport you love.

  • Football Coaches = Hudl 
  • Soccer Coaches = SocrPro

All you need to do is look at the names of the products to know which one was built for you.

Oh yes, there is one more critical point to make in your decision to sign up for Hudl.

  • Hudl = $400 / team
  • SocrPro = FREE

This amazing price advantage is why SocrPro even has youth football coaches using SocrPro even though it was not built for them, but if you’re a football coach, you’re still welcome to use SocrPro. Just don’t ask for any “football specific features” to be added because that is never going to happen.

Get your FREE sports coaching app today at

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The Best Camera For Soccer?

Parents of soccer players ask me this question all the time and while there is never a single answer to a question like this, there are definitely ways to make the answer simple for you.

But before I start offering my opinion, based on years of real world experience, let me first tell you that I’m not an Audio / Video (AV) expert, I don’t hang out in the AV forums, we’re not going to talk about the “lossy” quality of the codecs or the benefits / drawbacks of the various video compression schemes.

If you’re looking for the king of “geek speak”, you’re reading the wrong article.

My focus is 100% on the parent or coach that wants to get really good quality video of their soccer games for coaching analysis, video highlights for college recruiting, and / or video that looks really good when you watch the game at home on your large screen TV.

     Issue #1: 4K versus not 4K

In general, avoid all 4K cameras because the current cameras are all recording at 30 frames per second (fps) and you need to record at 60 fps (see issue #2).

     Issue #2: Frame rate

There is a lot of action taking place in an average soccer game so unless you’re fixing your camera in one spot i.e. on the goalie… your camera needs to be able to handle the movement of the players, ball and you panning the camera as the action flies by from one side of the field to the other.

Do not buy any camera that does not record at 60 fps.

     Issue #3: Size

Bigger is better. This is a generalization but almost always true.

A bigger lens will be able to pull in more light and a larger image processor is better at taking that light and processing it into better quality video.

Under sunny skies, none of this matters much but for night games, games played under overcast skies or in the rain and indoor games it matters a lot.

You will definitely notice a quality drop from bright sunlight versus these other “less bright” conditions and this quality drop will be far more significant with a smaller, generally cheaper, camera.

     Issue #4: Storage

Internal flash hard drive or SD cards both work fine.

I personally prefer a camera with SD cards for storage because it means I have no limits and I like the convenience of removing the SD card from the camera and inserting it directly into my computer.

What you store your recording on is insignificant unless you buy cheap SD cards – get only video quality 90 MB/Sec SD cards.

     Issue #5: Price

In general, you do get what you pay for with camera gear.

So you can get a $279 camera that appears to have similar specs of the more expensive cameras but they will never be the same… or even close to the same.

Try to stretch your budget into a “prosumer” (cross between a “professional” and “consumer” level product) model to get many of the high end benefits without the dramatic price jump to a full professional model. You will get years of use from this camera so consider this when buying.

     My Recommendation: Canon – VIXIA HF G40

Buy it at Best Buy and use their credit card to pay for it over 12-months using their 0% financing offers. They usually will not stock this model but can have it for you in 1 or 2 days.

You can buy it from other sources like Amazon… I just prefer buying from a local retailer and Best Buy will cut you a deal on the memory and other accessories if you buy them at the same time.

Here’s a link to the camera – Camera Link

I’ve owned the G30 for several years and the video quality is excellent. The G40 is an updated version of the G30.

I use (2) 64GB SD cards and have never run out of storage but I did buy a high capacity battery because the standard battery can cut things close at times, especially when 2 games are played back to back without enough time to recharge the battery.

Players Account – Part 3 – The Final Steps

The final step in creating your Player’s Page and your playlist. SocrPro makes it easy for college soccer coaches to watch your skills or maybe you simply want to show your friends and family. Either way, it’s fun and free so enjoy the game.

Remember that Socrpro has an amazing Mobile App that’ll keep all your updates at your fingertips.

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