Heja Pricing – Is It a Lie?

Heja pricing is a mystery to me. I look at the Heja website and I see very little that tells me the actual price of using Heja for a club.

Sure, I see the “Heja is free” part of their website… and I like free scheduling software. I think “free scheduling software” is the way to go for a soccer club and SocrPro, TeamSnap, Spond, etc. have all provided free scheduling software in a similar vein.

The reality of the world, and all free scheduling apps, is that there is really nothing 100% free in life.

Maybe you’ll need to watch commercials, like TeamSnap requires in their free scheduling software, or maybe you’ll need to upgrade to a more powerful version of the scheduling software to unlock vital features necessary to make the soccer scheduling app truly useful.

In the case of SocrPro, it provides the same, or more, scheduling functions for free than all the others charge for but to get the amazing Itinerary system with built-in Meal Planner, you will need to upgrade to a paid package.

Is that fair? Only you can make that decision for yourself.

In all, the free scheduling software is a fair deal to me. You get to use the scheduling app for free and then decide if the paid version is something that provides enough value to justify the paid upgrade.

I personally prefer the Heja and SocrPro model that bribes you into an upgrade versus the TeamSnap model where they annoy you into an upgrade by forcing you to watch commercials in the free versions of the scheduling app. The biggest difference between the SocrPro free version and the Heja free version is the level of “real world” capability that Heja restricts and SocrPro provides.

But all good things come to an end… when reality sets in hard!

Reality sets in when you discover that to use Heja for your soccer club, the Heja pricing becomes a thick veil of “mystery” clouded by the word “deal”.

Followed quickly by the price of Heja when using their payment collection system… now we’re talking about a really “price cloud” from Heja.

Let’s start off with the “Club deal” because this is the first area you’re going to need to “deal with” when it comes to using Heja for your soccer club.

What is a “deal”?

When you bought your last car, did the salesman offer you a “deal”?

Used car salesman are experts at offering “deals” on their cars because there’s never any reasonable way to do a direct comparison. Every used car is a 1-of-a-kind car so every price offered as a “deal” is subject to the person offering the “deal” and the person accepting the “deal”.

New cars are better if you’re comparing identical vehicles at different dealerships but have you noticed how they always seem to have different options?

When a company is selling a 1-of-a-kind product, they know they’re selling a “used car” and there is no direct way to compare prices. People can compare similar software scheduling packages but there are no 2 exactly the same.

So where is the “deal”?

There is no real “deal”, there is only “how much can we get them to pay”.

The real “deal” is when everyone is paying the same price and you’ve somehow managed to pay less. But if everyone is paying the “Club deal” mystery price, you really need to wonder if you’re the guy paying the most and have the worst “Club deal” or are you paying the least and have the best “Club deal”?

Here’s the hard truth; you’re negotiating 1 time and have limited information while the Heja salesperson is negotiating many deals and might be collecting a massive commission for extracting the most money possible from you… so who do you think is really getting the best “Club deal”?

Talk to any retired used car salesman and he’ll tell you.

But wait… because it gets worse.

What you pay up front is literally the tip of the iceberg bobbing up and down innocently in front of you while your club “ship” rams full speed into the real price of using Heja.

When you use Heja for collecting payments, there is a hidden fee that’s robbing you of a massive sum of money through over inflated processing fees and transaction fees.

These inflated fees can easily cost you more than the upfront expense you agreed to pay while negotiating your “Club deal”.

These fees are the proverbial “death by a thousand cuts” because it bleeds your club of desperately needed cash from every transaction and every dollar spent with your club.

We’re easily talking about $2,000, $6,000, even $12,000 or more depending upon the size of your club and the amount you collect in registration and product sales each year. For a really large club, these numbers could be a small percentage of the actual money lost through Heja billing fees and transaction fees.

Multi-state mega clubs could be hemorrhaging upwards of $53,750 just on transaction and billing fees alone!

What’s the solution to these outrageous fees?

SocrPro uses a completely different system for registration and billing that puts you in control to save this money and put it in your pocket instead of into the Heja till. Imagine what you can do with all this extra bottom line cash when it comes to equipment upgrades, scholarships and additional showcases.

In conclusion, when you’re looking at the Heja pricing, it’s critical that you look at both the upfront price of Heja and the ongoing operational price of Heja by calculating the additional fees you’ll pay for every billing transaction.

That is the real “Heja price” for your soccer club software!

PS If you think saving these transaction fees is difficult… think again because we can show you how easy this is to accomplish with 10 minutes of effort that you do 1-time and then forget about it and let it run 100% on auto-pilot.

You’ll never allow your club to get ripped off again when you see how simple this is – I guarantee it!

Soccer Scheduling Software

Soccer scheduling software

Soccer scheduling software might sound like it should be the same as other scheduling software like TeamSnap, Heja, Spond, TeamStuff… or pick the next dozen general purpose sports scheduling apps.

The trouble is, treating sports management software generically is similarly bad as treating all sports the same. Baseball is played with a ball, football is played with a ball, golf is played with a ball yet nobody would ever consider these sports to be similar to each other.

If you would never mix soccer with golf, why would you ever assume that 1 sports scheduling app or sports team management system would be fine for both golf and soccer?

Most people would never think this makes sense.

SocrPro.com is the only sports team management system built specifically for soccer and it’s the only one that actually does the things that a soccer coach needs, a soccer club needs, and soccer players want.

SocrPro even takes care of all the “soccer moms” and “soccer dads” by allowing everyone to have copies of the game videos, and coaching videos, to save and use in any manner they choose.

But back to the scheduling aspect of the sports apps because apps like Heja and TeamSnap are really only capable of scheduling and maybe that’s all you really want from your soccer team app today.

So why should you still choose SocrPro as your team scheduling management app versus TeamSnap or Heja or Spond?

Before I answer that question, I want to ask you where you go if you need to have your knee scoped for a torn ACL? Do you go to your general practitioner or do you go to a specialist i.e. a “knee doctor”?

When you need your oil changed, any shop will do but when your engine control blows out of your BMW, do you take it to Jiffy Lube and ask them to “see what they can do” or do you take it to a specialist at the BMW dealership?

If you want to have the best soccer scheduling system, do you think you’re going to have better luck with the generic “team” guy, or the general purpose “re-spender” or the goofy named “nobody knows what this means” guy?

SocrPro is the best team management and scheduling app for one very simple reason – it was built for soccer, just for soccer, specifically for soccer and for the exact needs of soccer.

There is no other sports app built just for soccer so naturally SocrPro is going to be the best option for soccer.

Ok, you still need more to be convinced?

How about the fact that SocrPro is the only sports scheduling app that addresses the simple, but critical items like “kit color”,  “arrival time”?

Now let’s talk about traveling with a soccer team.

Local rec teams are easy. Just schedule the games at the local park and that’s it – super simple.

But travel soccer teams are an entirely different animal. Every soccer coach and soccer admin knows how painful and time consuming it is to travel to a tournament or showcase or even an out of state league game.

SocrPro is the only soccer scheduling software to address the needs of a travel soccer team. With a full itinerary system and meal planner built-in, you’ll literally save 7.63 hours on average per travel weekend.

Not to mention what it’s worth to not hear the complaints from the players when their meal is wrong or there’s cheese on the burger of the kid that’s lactose intolerant.

Using SocrPro as your team scheduling app is not really a choice between many options. Soccer teams have a single “good option” and then a slew of 2nd choice alternatives.

SocrPro is also the only true FREE forever scheduling option so you will not need to provide anything other than a name and email address to start today and use it forever.

Get SocrPro today for your soccer team and you’ll never look at another team sports app again – I guarantee it.